Chasing Dreams…

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you found out why.” Mark Twain


My mother always told me that each of us has a unique calling to pursue, something that we love doing perhaps, or something that God has designed for us to be. It has always been an enigma to me, which always makes me wonder on what purpose I am to the world. These things occurred to me after a series of realization that, maybe my calling or purpose is to be a writer and that’s the reason, I believe, on why God breathed me a life.

Yes, you read me right. I may be hallucinating or simply was taken by the figment of my imagination to simply wish myself to be an artist who weaves words and inspires people, but upon discovering that  I have a way with words, I told myself instantly that I’m going to make it big, in that realm, someday.

That “someday” is going nearer and I can feel it slowly getting clearer as the day comes. Maybe this applies to what my mom believes in, that I am designed for it, that God has chosen me to accept this gift of putting magic through words.

When I was young I have always dreamed to be a writer. And being young, I thought it was that easy as I believed that anyone can be, only if it’s going to be pursued. I have pursued it anyway; from the simple poems I tend to write at our school publication which unfortunately didn’t see the light of getting published, from the three novels I got to write after watching the coming of- age teen drama movie entitled “A walk to Remember” which I have catered to my curious classmates, from the blog which ignited my inexperienced mind to break barriers, to wish for something great and to dream beyond the usual. These are nothing but different platforms that carried my thoughts to sharpen my wits in scribbling words.

It was this blog (Blithe and Untroubled life) that served as the catalyst of almost everything about my writing life. This podium on where I gained an audience simply paved the way towards a beautiful and a fantasy- like journey only in my dreams I thought will happen. But God has its ways of turning dreams into reality which I have proven when I dared submitting a piece to a leading National Newspaper in the country which fortunately got published and in there, started a soon to be great accomplishment I will be forever grateful of.

Right after getting published opportunities came rushing on me. I had the luxury of getting known, of hearing congratulations and nice words about my talent, a talent which I’m doubtful of before. But the best thing of it all is having the opportunity to be trusted to write someone else’s life. A stranger then, left a message on my blog offering me the most awaited break I could ever have and that was to write a book— a biography.

Sir Emong and his secretary Miss Morie.

Sir Emong and his secretary Miss Morie.

Guillermo Castasus and yours truly at a visit on his YGGACHAI Ranch in Siniloan Laguna.

Guillermo Castasus and yours truly at a visit on his YGGACHAI Ranch in Siniloan Laguna.



The vast grazing land for sir Emong's cattles.

The vast grazing land for sir Emong’s cattles.

I could have declined the offer out of fear, doubt and low self-esteem but because of my editor- friend who inspired and let me dared pushing myself to the limits, I took courage. I knew this venture could bring so many rigors especially to a novice like me but then this is my dream and there’s no choice but to accept it. I can’t afford to let it slip in my hands.

The journey wasn’t that straightforward type; there are twists and turns along the way. Having the privilege to have a client who is eighty six years of age, less mobile and deaf can be a little daunting and at the same time challenging. I have allotted most of my off duties to him, doing sort of interviews ranging from the minutest details up to big accomplishments of him being a Rancher, businessman, Accountant, Public servant and Rotarian. The project started last  March and it’s just by now that I can hand him down the final Manuscript of his book— my first book.

Handing the finished manuscript to my editor.( PDI editor Santiago Alcantara)

Handing the finished manuscript to my editor.( PDI editor Santiago Alcantara)

If before things seem impossible, dreams are like hard to reach, I say that now I’m a little bit closer.

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12 responses to “Chasing Dreams…

  1. No Dreams , No Problem I`m Just Going in my Imagination or Day Dreaming lol :) Come what may I mean Thanks for sharing this John :)

  2. (nganga mode)
    Congrat bro! you’re a great writer talaga! always had it in you.
    hope makachicka tayo in person! :)

  3. Roland Tugano

    Keep it up john. Great talent. Malinas ka talaga magsurat. Will wait for your book to be published.

  4. Wow, bro. Three cheers to you!

    Looking forward to seeing the book.

  5. I am extremely happy for you ponsi! Im in fact giddy right now. Haha! Finally you’re able to make this dream of yours a reality. I’ve never thought you could make it big, but hell, I know you worked ur a** just to get where you are now. I’m just super proud! I’m glad you never quit writing because if you did, the world would definitely miss one heck of a writer. Just keep going. Don’t stop.

    -From a friend/fan/editor. Chos. Hahaha!

  6. congrats on being published! all the very best to you.

  7. Miggy

    been reading your blogs. inspiring. u haven’t written for Oct or nov yet maybe its the book ur working on :)) congrats!

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