Panganiban: Taking a few steps farther…

Being endowed by a dwelling filled with enthralling and astounding nature splendor, made me thank God to have known and lived to a place like our town, Panganiban, unheard and unpopular yet hollers to be recognized.

Growing up, I have envisioned our town to be a perfect setting for those films I have grown watching, films that showcase the backcloth beauty and vibrancy of a place like that of Lord of the rings which featured the verdant hills of New Zealand, Turistas an action thriller film that flaunted the virginal beaches of Brazil, Apocalypto a historical account showing the vast forest of Africa and last but not the least, Sanctum an adventure and survival piece that revolves upon south Australian Cave- diving region around Mount Gambier.

The ever lovable Parola at lolong Point

The ever lovable Parola at lolong Point


It was one of my ambitious yearnings for my humble hometown to grace the lens of Hollywood or even local movie camera as I am too fascinated on how God skillfully crafted the natural landscapes within the premises of my dear town of which I believe to have a potential of becoming a filming spot. Panganiban is a small dot on the Map of the blossoming province of Catanduanes. From its humble name which for other people seems unfamiliar lies the chock-full of interesting places to visit; may it be chasing mountains, rootling for caves and plunging for seas and rivers, all of that fused in one small town.

Verdant hills of TIBO

Verdant hills of TIBO


For a long time of being exposed to a rural setting, of the typical scenes from suburbs I have come to believe that our place has nothing more to offer. Nothing new and just those plain sights that includes vast rice fields, a not so attractive shore and an average places to hang out with. Well, I was so complacent to think of that then, of which now I’m renouncing that certain thought for I was wrong and too quick to judge.


AMAZING COGON! Kabasan and Tabaran Beach

AMAZING COGON! Kabasan and Tabaran Beach


When I was young I have heard of stories of places that used to exist before. My Grandfather often told me about the wonders of hidden falls, pristine beaches at the back of a certain mountain, caves where soldiers of World War II hid themselves and other mystical places which I only figured out on a story which is too good to be true. But Lo and behold, because of modern technology today, everything that was beautifully hidden before were now exposed. Bringing proof to what I had imagined as myths, testifying that those accounts of my grandfather were true.



Panganiban our town, though small bore a legion of strikingly beautiful places cloistered by thick trees, big mountains and placed into far-off location so one can have a handful of joy, excitement upon discovering. Thus I boast not about the big hotels or the cool amenities that greet every visitor on the façade of a beach, yet I brag about the sturdy coconuts, of wild trees that bore witness on how old, pristine and idyllic that shore has been. I will not talk big about how great the passageways are going to that delicate and lovely place but surely the experience of getting through can talk how great the journey itself.


 The Lumbia Falls and the Sara-saraan mini Falls

The Lumbia Falls and the Sara-saraan mini Falls






 The Lumbia Falls and the Sara-saraan mini Falls

The Lumbia Falls and the Sara-saraan mini Falls

Be thrilled with the adventure in Sarag Nin Banog

Be thrilled with the adventure in Sarag Nin Banog









Now, I have seen efforts from those who lead to exhibit the pure and unspoiled beauty of our town which before I believe, was taken for granted and never got the chance to lay bare all its magnificence which was hiding just beneath. I just hope that this effort will not go to waste; it must proliferate together with an aim of protecting and preserving while it is being publicized to the world.

What we have as a town is a bit like paradise on earth, a tropical hidden gem that supposed to be a secret but now shared and told. For some to also taste the wonder of a  great place like ours to invigorate, wind down, heal and to be close to mother nature.


Soon in time those places we adored would be the same place that other people would desire and seek of, those breath-taking, majestic, lush, and peaceful images of nature. Not so long ago, a local TV show prowled upon the famous and celebrated tourist spot in Catanduanes. They have ransacked those already known places in the southern part without even taking heed of what the Northernmost part can offer which includes the allure of our town.

guano cave



guano cave2




Still, my wish for my town should standstill and wait for the right time to grace in a lifestyle TV show, a TV shoot or in Films, not just locally but Hollywood perhaps.


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4 responses to “Panganiban: Taking a few steps farther…

  1. Wow! You grew up near those magnificent spots? Ha! That’s darn enviable!
    From what I see, your town deserves an exposure and a visit from travelers and nature lovers. Don’t worry John, my forecast is that, it won’t be long that these spots will soon find a spot to fame and glory… with the cause of its preservation of course ;-)
    Great feature post John.

  2. Thanks John for featuring our own hometown, I want to share this, as a proud payonhon. You’re a great writer. Keep it up

  3. John, with the photos of your hometown that you showed here, I am certain your wish for it to to be seen on TV or grace covers of travel magazines is not far from probable. If it’s not later than sooner.

    The pictures are beyond amazing, and with your engaging narrative, you will surely nail the eyes of the readers into finishing the post just like what I did. I am now based in Bicol and I am likely to give me a hand on how to get there in the future.

    Panganiban is such a great, great place, bro. Like really!

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