Getaway books…

I will be away for a while to refresh my mind, to have some coffee while throwing myself in the page of happiness that is book.


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10 responses to “Getaway books…

  1. Enjoy the books. Except for Sandra Brown’s, I have read the other two in your pic.

  2. nice book idol! ganda ng trip mo. inggit ako. :) wala na akong time para magbasa eh hehe. regards nalang kay John Grisham.

  3. Good for you. I miss those days when I could just devour a book in one sitting or lying or whatever position. Now I only schedule my self to read fiction an hour or two everyday so a book takes forever to finish. :-)
    Enjoy your downtime John!

  4. Read Sidney Sheldon’s. :)

  5. Hey, bro. Welcome back with a bang.

    I really like that new post of yours, so I say you might want to turn your blog into a travel blog.

    Let me be the first to know…

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