Roller coaster…


All things we hold in life are temporary and that’s a fact. One moment we have that overflowing abundance, the capacity to experience material bliss, fame and power. But on the next, as what the universe dictates with just one snap, we realized we buried ourselves from debts or worse were as broke as the men on the street who from day-to-day beg for alms.

That realization came to pass me by after the conversation I had with a work friend. We happened to talk about the temporary things in life, like that of wealth, possessions and other things a man usually longs for. She began her story with a happy tone and if you are going to imagine, it’s like an opening credit of a movie played through a flash back.

She was born to a family well-endowed materially. Her mother though separated, single-handedly raised them equipped with the things they want or need. Growing up, life was made easy for her and her older sister as they were granted with assistants on the kitchen to wash their dishes and so with their laundries. They can afford it and they pay people for  service simply because of their growing business – a slipper and sandal production. Their business was a big scale because they  deliver their finished products to certain stores in Baclaran and  Binondo Manila.

Money wasn’t a problem for them; in fact they’ve got lots of it. So, choosing where to study best in college is at the back of her mind.  But when the universe connived with bad luck, things started falling out of control. Her older sister got pregnant whom supposedly at that time, a “Business ad” graduating student. Her mother as well has a fair share of misfortune, when she got involved with one of her workers who eventually became the step father of her two daughters.

My friend’s step father has an irrepressible love for vices, all sorts of it. That became the start of their fall off, the end of their being well endowed. She has to suffer all its implications and her plans of pursuing the course she wanted to take in college, faded like bubbles in the air, and settled with what’s just available. She then has no choice but to continue life, though flustered of the so-called change.

Change is what she feared the most. Having lived almost her life from the bounty of material things, she needs to cope up so abrupt that she almost cursed life of being unfair. She had to cope with his step dad’s annoying rules and regulations. And most of all she had to witness how her mom succumbed to being stupid, loving someone who’s not even worthy to receive such. She had to, though excruciating, go through all of it.

Still, she graduated College and triumphed over the hardships she needs to deal in her life, a peculiar family setting and the transitory phase of her once affluent lifestyle. But then again, luck seems to elude her and she, being a strong woman has miscalculated the timing of her decisions. She jumped out of her responsibilities of being a daughter, who would apparently be spinning the wheel of their family fortune.

She got married and bore two children. And again was faced with the responsibility of raising them with wants and needs equipped but this time, not in an instant way for she needs to tire her body so she can provide. One thing she told me, that what the experience has made her realize – is the importance of having sound judgment over things especially in deciding about the matters of life.

She then, ended her narration with a sad tone and a resonating regret that even up to now, when we sometimes bump upon a topic like riches to rags story, she would cringe and yearn for the time that had passed.

Her story is something relatable to those I have watched in “Wish Ko Lang” a TV program that features stories of prominent and once famous actors and actresses who failed to manage their lives and ended up poor and distressed of their pathetic situation. But who are we to predict, maybe someday, on that constant world of struggles, they can be able to turn the wheel again and pull themselves up.


There is nothing constant. One day we’re at the top, tomorrow perhaps, at the bottom, the thing is we need to be pliant so we can get along with this roller coaster ride called life.

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4 responses to “Roller coaster…

  1. For some reason, I felt a sense of deja vu when I read this post. I checked out the date, and yeah, it’s current, not something i had read years ago. Even the photo looked familiar. I guess I’m really weird, Ha ha

    • Hehehe thats weird rhence, maybe because my friend’s story is common and through years of reading of such topic perhaps you relate it with what u have read before. Oi ganyan dn aq mnsan.kala q nangyari na ung certain na bagay from d past pero d pa nmn pla, weird dba


      • No, there;s that ” uncomforatble ” ( for lack of a better word to describe it) feeling that I associate with that sense of deja vu…. very momentary and fleeting feeling that I’ve seen or wittnessed this before. I say uncomfortable because it kinda makes me a bit dizzy or dazed. I really don’t know what that means besides it being weird.

      • Hahaha unexplainable thats it..heheh

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