When it rains, it pours…

photo grabbed from the web.

photo grabbed from the web.

2014 is mine. I’m claiming it. Yes, the start of this year is really great for me and that’s an understatement. I have received valuable blessings when it comes to my career and so with other life aspects on which, before I got distraught of.

On the first half of the month of January, I braved myself to join a career enhancing project wherein I can be able to extract knowledge and at the same time get known by the big bosses in our company.  This was the thing I’m being coward of before, but because I am so desperate to chase “change” I left fear behind me. Now, I’m doing well and little by little they are seeing the budding potential in me. I think if you’d been to hurtful struggles before which along the way made you feel down, there’s no way to go but up.

February came; two of my brothers got themselves a job. I have prayed it to God and yes, He’s lifting sort of burdens from my shoulder and to my parent’s as well.

And not only that, I received an added bonus by being published on a national paper. Yippee.  Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Young Blood has featured my Essay and it’s like a post birthday gift for me. Being published, for someone who really loves to write,  could mean vindication for a doubted talent.

What can I ask for? Oh, well, as they say when it rains it pours but now–of blessings.

Gracing the Inquire's opinion column - Superheroes.

Gracing the Inquirer’s opinion column – Superheroes.

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6 responses to “When it rains, it pours…

  1. Oh, wow ! Congratulations on getting published. That’s a huge accomplishment. Yes, when it rains it pours. One just has to be patient.

  2. Great job John!
    I’m not really surprised. Your writing is at par excellence with those on the mainstream publication. I figured you just needed a good break. ;-)
    Glad to hear about your brothers. I hope for their wellness and continued productivity too.
    You owe everything to your self for having a sound mindset, positive outlook and productive habits. This is something you could really be proud of.

  3. Wow kuya John! Congrats po! Ang galing nyo naman po!

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