Tamahuyan: A place of memories…


Taken in TAMAHUYAN sometime in 1999.

No matter how many adorable places your eyes have laid upon there will always be one specific place so dear in your heart that you want to forever take hold of.  A place where in significant and unforgettable memories of yesterday had transpired. Leafing through our old photo album, I found myself blown away by a years-gone-by photograph where on the fore of it lies a seemingly enjoying faces of children, children whom I recognized as myself and my siblings, swimming and paddling through the waters of a familiar shoreline called Tamahuyan.

Tamahuyan is where I’ve had a first taste of beach. Lying just in the underbelly of my hometown Panganiban, Catanduanes, this place is made accessible to us no matter what time of day be it on a canoe ride or a motorboat.  This islet is so pristine and still untouched with its thick coconut tress wildly growing uphill and its brown to gray gravelly aisle that extends to its seawater so clean and green.

Apart from its subtle yet captivating beauty, there’s one thing that makes me and my family crave to go back every weekend and that is the cozy feeling being brought by the two hospitable people who owned the place and they are Lolo July and Lola Imay as we fondly call them. These two welcoming fellow would wave their hands the moment we approached the seafront, a sign of being received. They would cook for us their renowned dish; fish soured in vinegar and garlic natively cooked in pot – a very mouth-watering dish. They would also share a lot of enchanting stories about fairies and other mythical creatures that inhabit their land.

These things were few of those we used to do when we are in Tamahuyan, that for now I still wish I could, even time has brought changes a lot. The last time I took a visit on this place things weren’t all the same. Gone was Lolo July who is now with our creator in heaven and apparently Lola Imay, for good–  moved into somewhere else. But Tamahuyan  being so welcoming, stood still waiting for someone be it a stranger or a familiar face .

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12 responses to “Tamahuyan: A place of memories…

  1. Oh, nostalgia at its best. I used to go to this river near our house too and we have a similar story about it.

    Times like this makes me really wanna come back to that time where there is but innocence in us. That time when the best of our younger years are taking place. There’s such a comforting feeling that’s flowing within me as I reminisce it. And all I can mumble after is, if only I could turn back time…

    • Sometimes its not really about the place, but it is about the people behind it that makes it more beautiful. It is nostalgic to see some good old glashbacks and I agree with you if only we can turn back the time.

  2. napakagandang lugar kaibigan! maraming salamat sa pagshare! :)
    oo talagang may mga lugar talaga na hindi matutumbasan sa ating pagkatao.

  3. Powerful and moving words! I can almost feel that I’m there. While some people in your life left, I’m sure there are more to come… More memories to create and relinquish in the future. Another great post here!

  4. im quiet interested with the enchanting stories you have there. and what a wonderful memory of a childhood you have. thanks for sharing! :)

    • The story about a fairy who used to court lolo july offering that legendary red rice, was one of our favorites.We used to believed him when were young and even now that were grown ups we still do…

      • wow thats entirely possible you know! :) maybe you can write entries or spin out a story from that original story…. :) hihi makes way for a good fantasy novel. donchathink? :) keep writing! :)

  5. I’m not at all surprised you want to re-visit this place and those wonderful times . . . . what a wonderful set of memories. Wishing you many more happy memories to come!

  6. A beautiful place with so much great memories.

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