Rain on me…

The silver raindrops started falling down, softening the blistering heat of the sun. The chill is already in the atmosphere emanating a much colder breeze. The increasing croak of frogs and the sound of crickets is orchestrating at night. Time shifted a real quick leaving summer no trace.

Rainy season in the Philippines had finally taken its turn and most of the people especially the farmers have been patiently waiting for the hefty dose of rainfall to start on their fields.


Just recently, I paid a visit to a nearby farm and it’s nice to see that the fields once covered by golden hay were now replaced by newly sprouting green plants. The soil which suffered a short-term drought has been nourished again, making it more suitable for farming.


Like the plants on the field that needs sustenance from the rain, I too have the same yearnings as them. I have been in drought these past few months that my will to write was put to a halt. Unwanted circumstances came along my way, those inevitable sorts of drawbacks in life that weakens someone’s strength.

Forest club Puypoy bay Laguna.

Forest club Puypoy bay Laguna.

Two months had passed and we got robbed. Certain amount of cash and valuables were taken away from us. My digital camera which was so precious to me and to my blog was never spared. (Thanks for the several years of service in each of my posts, farewell to you).

Two months had passed and my brother who’s in my guardianship lost his job. Of course, that would mean more workloads for me. I have juggled overtime  work so we would not hit the rock bottom. I rarely have a free time because my work consumes most of it. I can’t even touch my pen and write my thoughts. Situations in life like this were utterly tiring but giving up is never a choice.

I was like wrinkling then, just like those plants during summer. All I need is rain, a little rain of inspiration so I could grow anew.

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14 responses to “Rain on me…

  1. I may not know you personally but I always admired your humility, courage and fighting spirit. You can always make things happen John.

  2. This is nice. Keep on writing!

  3. Man, I love every word in this post. Not a single thought is wasted.
    Sorry to hear about the unfortunate events in your life.
    However, to make something beautiful such as this out of solitary thoughts is superb.
    Be well and keep writing bro!

  4. Peaceful images. Even a hint of a hopeful smile. I could sense you are thinking deeply. I read your post about your brother. Sorry to hear about the mental pain he had to go through as well as the hardship you and your family had to endure. It is a difficult event and moment. I somehow relate to you. My mom got really sick two years ago and still undergoing treatment to prevent relapse. Hang in there. God listens. Wishing you all the best.

    • Hey! Congrats for being published in Youngblood! :D Nice article. :)

      • Oo nga zezil..
        Ang saya..akala q d makakapas
        Ok un he

      • Sabi ko nung binabasa ko, “teka lang, parang nabasa ko na to ah! Parang si….JOHN TUGANO, IKAW NGA! :)))

        Very inspiring, superhero John! :) Lam mo, sobrang humbling ng story mo, na story din ng nakararami. Salamat sa pagbahagi!

      • Hahaha..oo nga.. salamat tlga..ikaw nmn ang inaabangan q ngaun at ang story mo..neto q lng nlaman ung young blood na yan ng mabasa ko ung kay lester pencilhands na post ung tungkol sa Tacloban kaso unfortunately d na yta napublish dun kya sa blog nya na lng… nacurious aq hangang na fall in love na sa mga articles nla at nagwish dn mapasama…katapos q nga lng ng book nla ung pnakauna..hay kaya wait q ung sau Zezil hehe.

      • Lam mo, nag attempt ako magpadala dyan nung high-school ako tapos di na publish. Nasaktan ako at nag move on…Dejokelang! Naghahanap pako ng istorya na pwede ipasa. :)

        Napakaganda ng Youngblood, John. Yan yung talagang mapapangiti ka na wow, andami pala nating mga Filipino youth na may mga kwentong ganito, makabuluhan! Basahin mo lahat yung lima, John! The best yun! :) (naalala ko yung first article sa first book, radio diba? tama ba? haha)

        Inaabangan ko kasi lagi to sa Inquirer, kasi lagi akong naiinspire talaga. At kasama ka dun sa nag inspire sakin nitong huli! :D

        Share ko din to sayo, isa sa mga faves ko: http://opinion.inquirer.net/58049/different-bowl-of-goto

        Ayon lang! :)

      • Hahaha salamat..bibili naq ng pangalawa kc natapos q na at pnahiram q na dn sa kawork q..hehe..qng nkkta m yan na header q hehe young blood ang bnabasa q jan..

      • Sige! Spread the virus! Hehehe

        Happy reading! :D

        Kita ko nga, :)

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