The Farmer in me…


Long before I went to the city, I was this hardworking and dedicated farmer’s son. Like my father, I have known the hard ways. From tilling the soil, collecting golden snail in the field and planting crops were few of those I used to do back then. Early in the morning during weekends, I and my siblings play an equal share of chores in the farm. Some feed the chickens, some water the plants and the others, spend time uprooting the weeds. Things were simple then and at times boring that I complain how boring it was to be living an agricultural life. But far beyond my expectation, this kind of life which before, I find tedious became unexpectedly yearned about.

My parents who are both offspring of B.S Agriculture, tried with all might to persuade me to take same course as them. With the experiences of day-to-day activity on the farm, perhaps gave them the idea that maybe, I’m going to like it. Yes, I could have an easy grasp of things if I would take that course in college because I have had a background even when I was in High school. I took this as my major subject occupying two hours of my schedule in which we spend one hour in the field and one hour in the classroom. Hands-on experience is what I call it; with your bare hands you need to touch the soil, mix it with chicken dang and you get a fertilizer in an instant. And also add to your list the skill of growing pigs and broiler chicks and other little creature that can be useful in the farm. Well, you need to be an I-can-do-it-all kind of person so you can withstand those sorts of hard stuff in Agricultural arts.


While trying to contemplate on why I haven’t agreed to what my parents wanted me to take up, I sort of blame myself on how I gained this independent silly head. I could have enjoyed more, if only I have listened to them. Perhaps, you my readers can guess on how I utterly miss doing all these things. The innate farmer in me is longing to come out.

Just recently, my father sent us a sack of newly milled rice. It’s harvest time in our province and I almost forgot. During this time of year people there are busy taking businesses in the farm. Well, I miss it.

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26 responses to “The Farmer in me…

  1. That’s nice. I can actually visualize that kind of rustic scene.

  2. Rustic life has its own unique charm. :) I could smell that distinct aroma of provincial grass from your post! Thanks for sharing! :)

    • Hi Zezil,It is harvest time in our province and I did miss the beautiful scene I used to be seeing just in front of our house where in people converge at the field reaping those golden grains of rice…it’s nostalgic thus I wanted to let my readers feel how I miss living the pastoral life..=) tnx btw.

      • Hi John! I miss my hometown too! It made me reminisce all of a sudden after reading your post. There’s just this undefined contentment in the faces of the people collecting their harvest. :)
        I feel blessed being a “probinsyana” myself and having the chance to experience and enjoy the rural life. :)

      • pareho pala tayo Zezil, pag summer mas lalong nakakamiss,diba ano..haay..Even if I wanted to go home still there are lots of things to consider,its not that easy..hehe=)

      • Oo sobra. Nakakamiss yung katahimikan. :)

        Totoo yan. Alam mo yung babyahe ka ng Byernes ng gabi o Sabado ng madaling araw pero kelangan makabalik kana sa Maynila ng Linggo? Hehe, parang natulog lang sa probinsiya e no? :)

  3. John, you’ll never know :) Today, you might be in the city. In the next years to come, no one knows where and when you will be heading.

    Great post!

    • Cguro,Its not too late to study again and if by chance maisipan q ulet magaral then I’ll be taking B.s Agriculture,someday if settled na ako I wanna go home and live there just the way I have lived before..tnx as always Dianne.=)

  4. in this new digital age, farming is such a unique interest for young people like you! :)

  5. Just recently, I’ve thought of living in a secluded farm, away from the noisy city where I spent most of my entire life. The thought of growing old in a farm, or nature farm to be exact, sparked since we visited my Uncles’ Farm in Bohol and I would have endured the solitary silence just as long as I have a library of books.

    I have concerns living in the countryside though. People can be very nosy. They say “small town, small minds” and it may be hard for a liberal like me to get along. I’m not used to doing hard labor (perhaps I’m only good at giving orders with my whip hehe. I kid.), although I can do some chores. Slow, or worst, no Internet connection (Need I say more?). I am nocturnal and I don’t enjoy staying under the sun which is a very ‘un-countryside’ habit. Lastly, the farm that I want is somewhere where neighbors are miles away but I have the necessary company of people in the farmhouse like two or three which is bad because that sounds pretty psychotic. :-D

    Thank you for sharing John. I know the feeling in a sense that I’ve also disregarded before the path that would have been ideal for me. This post makes me fantasize more of living in farm.
    Good luck and take care!

    • Living this pastoral life,for sure would be an elusive dream in the future and too bad on how I have let slip those beautiful experiences back then.Now, that I fully realize how I love to live this way I sort of blame myself that I haven’t extracted all the best about it.
      Once a year, I ensure myself to go home so at least even for weeks I can enjoy the laid-back setting of our province.It’s the time that I can savor a peaceful surrounding away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
      I knew the feeling you have had from the experience of yours in Bohol.I hope you can spend a jaunt back there too..

      Thanks for a very insightful comment June..Very much appreciated..

  6. Janus

    I too miss going to our farm. The farm is quite small and we harvest rice and mangoes once in a while. I do not know the dates as to when are the harvest time though lol. The days I’ve spent in my aunt’s home near our farm land was literally one of the best days of my childhood life (I think im going to post it on my blog in the future). Living in the farm was different from what I was doing in the city although our city was very small and less building and establishments to go for leisure but it is still different from farm living. nice blog entry mate. bloghop lang!

  7. Hey John!
    I don’t do this often and I think you already got one like this but I’m nominating you for the versatile blogger award. Just mark another one in your score card with this award. :-D
    Here’s the link:
    You can actually choose not to pass it on and I won’t mind. I just think you should know. ;-)

  8. they say Agriculture will be the next big thing nowadays because everyone’s going back to Sustainability and one way of achieving a sustainable life.. is to go back to the old ways…. :) but, you still have the farm…. and the farmer in you….. :)

    • hehehe I’m feeling lucky about it…As I believe there’s nothing wrong to yearn for advancement in life but going back a little to the basic is much better..Missing the old ways..=) Thanks liberty..

      • welcome! its what we call sustainable development or if joey ayala would coin it: “kaunlarang sapat” :) cheers! going back to basics is the way to go.. it promotes our community & culture too! :)

  9. We do need to follow our own dreams although our parents try their best to provide us with best tools to survive life and all its challenges. That is one fun beautiful farm. I do miss those sceneries and lifestyle. Simple yet stress free. Goodluck to you Bro. I know you’ll be great in all that you do.

  10. It looks so peaceful there. A much simpler way of life. May be one day you’ll go back.

  11. I’ve always wanted to be a farm boy. :(

    Sorry. Just roaming around here. :D

  12. It was fun indeed ceej.hehe.

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