That fleeting Moment…


There seems to be an upsurge of tranquility in my surrounding today. Only the rustling of leaves and the sound of melodious music on the radio fills the air. It’s not often that I would wake up in the morning having this kind of refreshing feeling. Perhaps a cup of coffee would match the beauty of the day so I let myself be enamored by its creamy goodness while staring at a perfect morning setting. I can feel a renewed inspiration and it seems to be the perfect time to reminisce about those honeyed bits of memories that come to pass.

The sun goes up and still I’m mired staring at it letting some good old flashbacks to spring in my thoughts. The picture of a glittery summer came forth and started registering in my mind. It has been so long since I have enjoyed this phase of time when everything seems to be so agile, spirited and unruffled-that was when I’m still a kid.

Now summer is here and it won’t stay for long, however, there are certain things I need to get done before its wrapping up stage. I wanted to feel like a child once again and relive the blithe moments of the past.

424843_3331732288790_751793053_nHaving this kind of puerile feeling is the best of what I can remember as far as memory can lure me. This is when I still can goof-off on the streets with my playmates. This is when I still can play hide and seek at night and this is when everything is not so serious.


Time is fleeting and so the moments enclosed with it. We can’t have endless summer but we can yearn for it to come back and if it did we can promise to make the best out of it. If of age we seem not to fit anymore, still we can stretch ourselves and feel young and by this we can freeze the hands of time.

The sun is still up and its heat brought me back from my waking memory. What a nice day to remind me of the things I miss.

Happy Summer Everyone!

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16 responses to “That fleeting Moment…

  1. Nice thoughts.

    Cheers, and thank you for visiting my blogsite.

  2. 최다해 gongjumonica

    Happy summer, too! Though I think it is perpetually summer here…

  3. SOmetimes, happy fleeting moments are all we need. A beautiful, fun-filled day bro. Wishing you and your love ones an amazing Summer.

  4. Oh, what a simple yet joyful way to start summer. ;-)

  5. What a great way to start the day; you can only feel joy for the rest of that day. We are just goinginto Autumn but we have had a glorious summer and hopefully those memories will sustain us through the dreary, rainy days ahead. And thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. Call me weird but summer is not just my favorite time of the year haha

    But of course, this doesn’t prevent me from appreciating summer inspired posts. I love this post because you gave me some more reasons to appreciate and reconsider summer as another wonderful time of the year. I like it when you expressed that deep inside, you still have traces of being very kid at heart.

  7. this is true, we may complain about the scorching heat of sun but soon we gonna miss it too. hehehe

    I like summer since my elementary days. kahit maging negra na ako at ngayon na hindi rin naman ako gaano nakakalabas.

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