Freezing in the sun…

The Bato Springs Summer Escapade…

The itch of going somewhere cold this summer is thriving in me. Perhaps it’s the humid ambiance that caused me to feel this way. My body needs a plunge, may it be on the sea or in the river. Any of the two would surely satisfy my cravings.
 The persistent itch continues to hover in my body until my work friends came to entice me for a summer escapade. Their invitation is too perfect and very timely for a man who’s thirsting for a refreshing out of the town trip.
 Came Tuesday morning, the waiting and preparing is finally over. We’re heading at Bato springs in San Pablo Laguna, a two-hour drive from our place. We rented a Jeepney so we can save time and transportation costs since each of us were in a tight budget.
 Upon our arrival, we are greeted by the harmonized scent of nature. The aromatic river breeze, the sweet smell of leaves and the fragrance brought by the newly mowed grass is giving the place a vibrant summer feel. Although  Bato spring is a synthetic resort still it feels natural because of the fresh water running down from the ever idyllic Mt. Banahaw.
486441_10200457451095484_2133362219_n544367_10200457451935505_2000260782_n599793_4683745293776_1135645063_n602819_10200457396254113_895815999_n As we ambled through the amazing landscape of Bato springs, we were astounded on how it resembles into a small rural setting wherein native chickens carefree settling anywhere and cows grazing abundantly on the other side. There are also few fruit stalls that sell fruits freshly picked from the garden that gives the environment a seemingly primitive effect.
Familiar with that oh-my-God feeling when you get soaked with ice cold water? Same feeling you’ll get when you plunge at the river pool and bathe with the man-made falls in Bato springs. Its freezing cool water ignites a tedious vein and brings a life to a dull spirit.


Rushing off into far off places does not entail big budget. It’s on the matter of strategy and good planning. We had a pretty nice choice of place, somewhat refreshing and cost efficient.  Truly, this trip has quenched our hearts deepest thirsting!
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21 responses to “Freezing in the sun…

  1. Beautiful place to hang out with friends. Loved your happy photos. :)

  2. Kakaiinggit naman outing nyo! Grr…baka sa Mayo pa’ko magkakatime mag bakasyon. Tsk. Gusto ko sana sa Camiguin. Ang daming springs, falls, and beaches dun! :D Taga Laguna ka ba?

  3. Feeling ko kasama ako sa outing niyong yan dahil sa mga pictures na nakita ko.. Makabisita nga dyan minsan. Interesting place, malinis at mura pa ang entrance. Happy Summer! =)

  4. Beautiful place. Wish I had gone to such places when I was there on vacation.

  5. 최다해 gongjumonica

    Wow~~~ this looks so nice! I would like to go here with my family and friends. Cheap, too. In Laguna, right?

  6. Aww…you are making me envious. I miss moments like these. I used to make trips like these with family and friends in the tropics. No words to describe the joy and laughter of those fun times. Beautiful pics.

  7. I’ve been here, i’ve been here!! I super dooper like this place but the last time i visited this place was like 17 years ago.. But when I read bato springs and saw the pictures flashes of memories returned.. sarap nung tama ng falls sa likod parang hard massage!! naku i will ask my hubby to bring me back to this place.
    It’s more in the Philippines eh?

  8. Hi and thanks for stopping by my blog. Your photos are just beautiful and you look like you all had heaps of fun. Hugs Paula xx

  9. The place reminds me of Villa Escudero too but I believe this one is better! Your pictures captured everything

  10. Nice photos! You’ve captured them well! ;-)

  11. I’ll recommend this to my friends! :)

  12. Nice smile. cute photo.

  13. Talking about beautiful yet economical…Great place indeed, John.

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