Hooray Summer…

The anticipation was over and at long last summer has started flaunting its glory. The scorching heat is now clear and its rhythm can now be felt. Summer in the Philippines has officially begun, this is the season much celebrated and most awaited not only by the locals but also by the foreign people who visits the country. This is the time for relaxation and festivities where in vibrant and colorful parties shake your pulse. As this phase of time unfolds let me welcome it by saying HOORAY Summer!


Excited to be in the scene, I goaded my girlfriend for a leisurely visit at a park. We chose a place where in we can have a free and unlimited view of the sun. We huddled on the grass, laid our prepared snacks and began our picnic. The sun was smiling, constantly giving warmth and the soothing wind seemed to blow perfectly.

What a nice day it has been, too perfect for a summer start!

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8 responses to “Hooray Summer…

  1. Island Traveler

    The Philippines has the most fun of Summers for as long as I can remember. More that anything else, it has the sunniest, warmest , happiest smiles I’d even seen. Beautiful pictures.

  2. Beautiful photos. Love those wild flowers.

  3. You write very creatively and fluently :) I’m sure you’re excited to pursue these different places this summer. Awesome. Keep ip with writing, and thanks for following my blog. :)

  4. Great photos there, parang pang pre-nup haha

  5. such a pretty girlfriend… lovely place… you couldn’t be any prouder.

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