Going against the current


Marbog,Panganiban Catanduanes.

I am happy to see visible improvements in my hometown but I am even more gratified to see that my adored places are still the same. Perhaps in the coming years industrialization would soon emerge but I hope it wouldn’t affect the way of our nature. I still want to witness the green of the fields and the blue of the oceans. I want things to stay the same,  no matter how fast we press forward to progress.


walking against the stream..



Marbog River…

 I hope that rivers won’t run dry and may it stay cool and fresh as time goes by. Though change is inevitable I still like to go against the current and try swimming against the stream. Many for sure would hunger for advancement in life but if it entails losing those idyllic gift natures can offer I’d rather hold on and make things stay the same.

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10 responses to “Going against the current

  1. i miss that kind of life.

  2. The world is changing in many places. Sometimes stores
    and factories are not as intrusive as they used to be – but
    I live on a contenent. Islands can be fragil I hear. My Cousin
    often tells me that the earth can support an infinate number
    of cities, but where will the trees live?

    My uncle passed away recently, around the same time as
    his prized hunting dog. The two of them worked as guides
    for recreational duck hunters in the coastal marshes near
    his home town – fortunately the marshes are still there, as
    well as the ducks and the fish.

    Good luck to you. I hope the new year brings less misery.
    but also hope that the good things will remian the same – :)

  3. I agree with you, and I really think you come from a very beautiful place. Keep it intact!

  4. Island Traveler

    That is pure amazing Bro. I never taught I’d see something this breathtaking once again. The refreshing, pure greens, the clear streams…that’s what I hope to remember the Philippines and hope for it to become in areas where sadly deforestation has ravaged. God bless.

  5. geez, that is a perfect for place for acting young, wild, and free. :-)

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