There’s no Place like home

Today I’m having a restful morning as I keenly watch the peaceful environment which for so long I have itched for. I have this usual yearning to savor this kind of beautiful feeling, the feeling of familiarity and being at home. Once a year I make sure myself to go for a break so I could have the chance to freshen up and cleanse my thoughts from the clutter I used to face in my job.


Going home every Christmas has been my therapy and it has been a way too effective for me. There are so many things I can do while I’m at home, things that can bring me comfort and even happiness. I can’t help myself but agree to what the old adage has to say. Truly there’s no place like home.


Tarahid Creek, San Pedro Panganiban,Catanduanes.

The scenic and the unadulterated background of my hometown is the very thing that I would surely miss if I go back to the city. Its virginal beauty that displays a pastoral environment and its people’s blithe and untroubled way of living is somehow magnificent and irresistible to crave for.


into the wild…


Marbog Panganiban,Catanduanes


A man with his push-net trudging on the street.


Untroubled faces of Panganibanons…

Where in the world you can find such a laid-back place wherein you can enjoy things without pressure? It’s for sure in your own dwelling, a place where your heart is. For me I found that in my hometown which I consider my haven, my paradise and my source of peace.

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19 responses to “There’s no Place like home

  1. When I saw your pics, I just knew you were a Filipino! I also went back home, leaving behind our December 23 and 30 work and ran off home which was very professional of me (irony and sarcasm overstated). Manigong bagong taon!

  2. I support your action of going home, your loved place in your heart. Its amazing what happens to you, as you told it thru the pictures and your personal account. Its very refreshing to note that a brave soul utters what is most important to him (Jun), at this Christmas break.

    • Hello Maam,
      Your surname is quite familiar. I’ve Known a lot of people same as your last name.They were natives of my place.

      There’s really no greater joy than to spend your holiday with your family and with the special place like my Hometown…As I say there’s no place like home..=)

  3. Rhence

    Hi John! Been a while. Hehe. Very primitive yung place niyo nu. But beautiful. Anyway, happy new year John! :)

    Wait, id your profile private? Your post were not updated in my Reader section. :(

    • Rhence

      *is your profile private

      • Hi Rhence Happy new year too.
        Some of my followed blogs tend not to show up anymore maybe because sobrang dami na ng pinafollow q.Or sometimes nakalimutan q clang ifollow maybe thats the case Rhence.

        Yes, very primitive yung place nmin and I’d love to remain it that way.I hope in time it would still be as idyllic as it used to be.Wishing you the best this 2013.=)

  4. Bro, I know how that feels. I admire you for valuing home, your roots, for finding joy and peace in having a simple life. As we get older, life gets more complicated thus we need to hang on to those things that comforts us during times of difficulties. I share this hopes too, “Where in the world you can find such a laid-back place wherein you can enjoy things without pressure? It’s for sure in your own dwelling, a place where your heart is. For me I found that in my hometown which I consider my haven, my paradise and my source of peace.” Happy New Year. Wishing you and your family all the best.

    • Thank you bro,
      The only thing I wish about my place is to remain as is.From the greens of its fields and the blue of its ocean but I wanted it to prosper in terms of the livelihood.

      I am wishing you also all the best this year.May you have a wonderful journey as you and your family walk through life.

  5. Roland Tugano

    nice one!.. we spent our last christmas break in this place called home…

  6. Roland Tugano

    iso. if im not mistaken, bata ka ni manoy caloy? third cousin na siguro kita. taga tabing ilog ako sa bandang san joaquin.

  7. i miss them days. the peace and quiet and finding joy in simple things.

  8. Gregorio A, dela Rosa

    Hi john! I was amazed with your wonderful and touching stories which opened and refreshes my mind everything about Payo our Hometown…from childhood until I left since 1989.

    • It’s great to reminisce those sweet memories I’ve had as a kid in our hometown and even up to now things are quite the same.I hope it will remain that way,simple yet beautiful.

      Thanks Greg for dropping by..

  9. ay…naku ang laki ng aso mo…di tulad ni Oscar na midjet…anung pangalan ng aso mo iho?

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