A Christmas to Remember

My mom lit the dimly room and the light from the candle shone through the four corners of the house. It was a quiet December evening with winds sweeping on our window curtains. The moon outside was at its brightest and the shadows of dancing trees were so alive. I’d thrown a gaze towards my mom as she sat near the window, humming a Christmas song and thoughts about Christmas suddenly loomed in my mind. Only few days to go and soon it will be Christmas day and yet I can hardly feel it as if it’s not coming.

Photo grabbed from the net

Photo grabbed from the net

There was no air of Christmas joy in our house and so with our neighborhood. Blame it on the typhoon that ravaged our province, causing every power lines to shutdown. The earth was void during night and if without the moon for sure it was all gloomy outside. My town folks seemed to have neglected this occasion with no preparation at all. Everyone was busy minding their own business to cope with that unwanted phenomena.

“Would there be really a Merry Christmas? That was the thought that hovered in my seven-year old brain. For a kid same my age, the beauty of Christmas depends on the lighting of Christmas tree, Christmas decor in every house, Christmas songs on the radio and gifts of every kind. But in the absence of it Christmas is spiritless in the eyes of children.

I sat beside my mom as we were both watching the night until a question was raised by my young inquisitive mind. “Why does typhoon often pass by at the end of the year? Why would God allow it if it can make a lot of people sad especially on Christmas?

My mom drew a smile on her face and scratched my head. “It has to do with our Island’s geography, that’s why.” She muttered.” And who says Christmas wouldn’t be happy? We’ll make it happy and you’ll see.” She reasoned further.

As far as I could remember Catanduanes Island is often visited by typhoon during November and its overburdening effect lasts up to the next year. I couldn’t agree more to what my father has perceived that our province was really a typhoon capital of our country.

The evening of Christmas Eve came. Still there was the silence and the bone chilling breeze that stayed to surround us. The usual spaghetti, fruit salad and Leche Flan we habitually see on our table during Christmas were never there. My mom on the other side busied herself on her homemade doughnut as an alternative for the grand repast. My father was preparing the bamboo cannon outside as he pulled some sticks to create a bonfire. My siblings and my neighbor’s kids slowly huddled down with us witnessing the first blast of my Father’s cannon.

Photo grabbed from the web

Photo grabbed from the web

The bamboo cannon created a huge thud awakening our town. It seemed to be a great replacement for firecrackers. Cheers and loud laughter ignited the night. Little by little the presence of Christmas air started to be felt. The church bell rang and everybody was on the street chatting, cheering and singing.

My family gathered altogether, brought the food outside, prayed and later eat. It was a simple celebration a plain but happy one, making me conclude that in the absence of bounty and in the midst of misfortune still there’s joy and to experience it one must try to believe it.

The night was filled with delight and truly my mom was right. God wouldn’t allow Christmas to be sad especially for us kids.

The bed was already prepared and it’s time to sleep. “It was a Christmas worth remembering” I said to myself. I then curled up on my bed and fell asleep.

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8 responses to “A Christmas to Remember

  1. Beautiful post Bro. Full of love and light. I miss this kind of Christmas in the Philippines. No comparison anywhere else in the world. You are blessed to share the laughter and merriment year after year with your family. I haven’t had a Christmas with my parents for 10 years now. God bless. Merry Christmas and best wishes to your family.

  2. It’s interesting how vivid your memory is for events that are as special as Christmas.

    As everyone back there in the Philippines savor the every atom of the cold air dancing the tropics by this time, the OFWs here in the place where I’m at remains as cold and blue because celebrating it here is a crime.

    Thanks for making me reminisce the kind of Christmas I used to have too back in the day. The bamboo canon was like an i-Phone 5 during those days. Sigh….

    • I hope I have delighted your sad spirit through this post.I knew even you are in the far end part of the world still your innate passion and longing to celebrate this holiday is going to come out..

      May you have a merry merry Christmas Bro.

  3. Hi John! How are things over there in the Philippines? I hope all is well. I know it’s been a while since I have been active with WordPress, but it’s great to catch up with my blogging buddies! And reading your posts puts a smile on my face. :)

    I wholeheartedly can relate to this post. We get some pretty big “hurricanes” here in Florida. Luckily, we don’t get them this time of year though. Nonetheless, I agree that there is always joy to be found among life’s challenges. I admit it’s nice to have all the many comforts (i.e., electricity), but it’s much more comforting to know that I’m with people (and animals) that I love. That being said, I consider myself fortunate to have family to spend Christmas with. I can empathize with those people who may not have family “or” for whatever reason they are away from their family and friends for the holidays (i.e., military, job, etc.). I’m sure that it wouldn’t be easy, but as a believer in God I personally believe we are never really alone.

    Thanks John for sharing your warm Christmas memories. It sounds like you and your family had a beautiful holiday despite the weather. I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas this year too! Hopefully, the weather will be nice there. :)

    • Hi my friend I feel so happy you drop by specially in this coming season.I was very glad to see your comment here.I’ts been a long time.I hope everything is quite alright with you and your undertakings.

      I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a pretty good start for this coming year..



  4. Hi John! You are a great storyteller. I can feel every emotion to every word in this post.

    Your post made me feel that Xmas is indeed for the kids and kids at heart. There’s a great difference when we see Xmas in the eyes and heart of a child. How I wish each of us would have this kid at heart view of the world.

    I have been sad over the past days and your post made me smile for a while. Thank you.

    Merry Xmas and wishing you all the best for 2013!

    • hehehe..We really are the same.I cant stop myself from repeating this kind of memory all over again.It brings back the kid in us. I just wish that through this post we have traveled back in time..=)

      I hope a happy and prosperous new year for you Dianne..

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