A holy time out

Burdened by the daily stress from work, life becomes a bulky baggage that at times turns out to be so difficult to carry. Over the past months I am too engrossed hurdling my workloads that I work so hard to survive as if things seems to be a rat race, a struggle between time and money. Money plays an integral role in each of us. We work for money and money works for us. It drives us to be busy and the worst it occupies our system making us develop a sense of neglect. Often I turn a blind eye on things which rather seem to be much important than acquiring money like going to church on Sunday. I can’t remember on how many times I have traded my Sunday worship for overtime and on how many times I forgot to pray just because I am so exhausted from work. Being caught up on earthly things, my soul has gone frail just like a tree becoming dry and shriveled. I need to breakaway on this certain point of my life thus I need a holy time out.

The Retreat…

It’s my  Professor (Jonathan Padilla) who’s checking me on regular basis on how’s my spiritual formation, who from time to time would ask if I can still attend mass every Sunday despite the hectic timetable I have in my job. It’s him who invited me to join the retreat for young Professionals. Thanks to him for shoving me into a life changing experience.

A Retreat for young Professionals which was sponsored by Dualtech center.

It was dusk already when I finally arrived at the retreat venue and there I was acquainted with young other fellows who by different reasons have gathered all together to attend the retreat. It was a joy meeting them for what lies in each of their personality is a varied story of faith, struggle and survival which is truly endearing and inspiring to hear.

At six pm on that long-awaited day, the activity was set in motion. From meditation to substantial talks with regards to various topics such as knowing oneself and God, work sanctification, Purity and chastity up to the examination of conscience. There had been also confession, mass and the praying of holy Rosary. That actually was the total package I got for a 3 day vacation with God.

The retreat actually helps me to reconnect with God for me to communicate again and make up for the lost time. Perhaps God used it as his tool so I can come to him to lighten my burdens. True enough, I was able to breathe out my grievances and it did make me feel better.


Building new friendship…

It was with fear on how I can get along with others on the retreat, afraid on how they would treat me as it’s my first time to be with a group whom I haven’t been with. There was this constant agitation towards this matter that makes me cringe when I think of it. I am praying that somehow I can get along well and perhaps God have heard it and things fell perfectly into place. Everything went fine that I can call the group as Bond of brothers. Surely, I’m going to miss on how my companions would sneak on our room just to chat with us. Sharing life stories had been our pastime during idle hours.

Fun moments during Idle hours…

The Lesson…

My 3 days stay at the retreat house gave me the serenity to ponder and reflect over things. It made me realize my shortcomings being a Christian and on how I neglect the importance of God in my life. I was guilty then that I feel a great remorse on how I put attention on my work than my spiritual duty.

A sponsored post by Dualtech Training Center.

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8 responses to “A holy time out

  1. Hey man, what’s up. So uplifting- those retreats. I’m surprised to see this headline far from the holy week! Thanks for being ‘kislap sa dilim’ !

  2. Thanks for sharing this event in your life with us. Hope to hear more of the lessons learned in the next posts :)

  3. hey bro, this must be very uplifting and what a great 3-day vacation you had there, with no less than God… I’m pretty sure you went home, enlightened and reinvigorated. Must be a very good experience! Cheers! :)

  4. Thank you for sharing this refreshing moment in your life. We all need ‘retreats’ now and then from the busyness that consumes us. Blessings to you.

  5. Great post! Thank you for mentioning that most of the time, we have been enslaved by money. I’m guilty of that too. I’m always occupied of the bills to pay and all those financial obligations.

    The place looks great, very ideal to that spiritual retreat. Hope you got your much needed break. Wishing you a great week ahead!

  6. Wonderful… how truly blessed to get away. ;-)

  7. A good reminder to reflect on what’s really important – even when things are crazy-busy!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  8. Rhence

    Still, in one way or another it’s nice to be reminded of our shortcomings because of these retreats. Good to know that you had found the tranquility you needed, of course away from the stressful workloads you have at work :) God bless!

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