The call to service…

Had I been born a billionaire, then I would dare to share a chunk of blessing to the less fortunate people. Oftentimes, these people are the ones who catch my attention when I pass by a slum area. Having that kind of undesirable life caused me to feel pity for them, thus I asked myself should I wait to be a billionaire so I could lend a hand and offer help. I think I need not to be, as the common adage says “You can be a blessing to others by any means, may it be in great or in small way.”

Good thing that my Alma mater (Dualtech) never fails to invite me when there are outreach programs sponsored by them at least my yearnings to help other people are somehow fulfilled through their charitable projects. Helping homeless people especially those who are typhoon victims is one of their many objectives. For two years in a row, I was able to join this self-fulfilling activity. True enough because yesterday became a great experience. For the second time we revisited the residents of Majada-in Canlubang Laguna for another outreach project.

The Gawad Kalinga Project… (Strike 2)

Early in the morning our group headed by our Professors, Co-alumni and trainees have had a brainstorming before going to the scene where in the activity would take place. Everyone seemed to be very ecstatic that in their faces you can see a visible craving towards helping others. They came ready with working shoes and shirts. Again, we are going to help build houses to shelter those people who are still living in tents. We were divided into two groups, the one for construction and the other for electrical works. Since, it’s my second time things became much easier to me but still I can’t par the energy of the trainees who are so aggressive to get the task done. Even our professors can’t help themselves but to try the experience of doing the hard stuff like shoveling and digging. Everything went fine instead of the scattered rain showers that disturbed us when it poured but it never made us stop instead it fueled the anticipation in each of us.

A menacing Scenario…

 Who wouldn’t feel pity for those people whose lives are being endangered by not having a better shelter to live in? If you happen to witness how alarming the situation in Majada-in relocation site where in the settlers are living in tent. I bet you would feel the same way on why we pursued to reach out. Kudos to the people behind this project for making it a realization, it may not abolish all of their predicaments in life at least even in partial way we helped to ease some of their problems.

A sponsored post by Dualtech Training Center.

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11 responses to “The call to service…

  1. Glad to see you back in the scene, John. Very inspiring this post is, as always. As always.

  2. Wow John. This is great. Thanks for sharing again this story. I am always proud of showing this to our scholars. You are one of the living examples of “The Running” boy. It doesnt have to be “running” like what wev been doing in the marathon, but more importantly your dedication to be of service.

    • Wow, I was touched by your comment sir.I think the virtues instilled in me by our institution is still running in my veins and that would be forever.Thanks for the kind words.

  3. Great story. Making something together is important to live.

  4. keep up the good work sir!!

  5. Bro, you have a kind and generous heart. You are right . You can give even if you have less. There are millionares out there who sadly are self absorb and selfish. Happy to them is about pocessing something that money can buy. What you and your friends shared to others is far worth more than gold. Great post’

  6. Hats off to you! I wish that more Filipinos would be like you.

  7. You’re staying productive and doing the walk not just the talk. Keep it up!

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