Gone Fishing

Traditional Fishing tools (Push net A.K.A “Agahid” on our dialect)

As I give a steady intent look at the boat tied at a long slender piece of wood ,my excitement suddenly swirled in my mind forming a thought of a soon to be action packed adventure in the sea. Many years had passed since the last time I went to fish together with my peers, who in terms of fishing are experts to be called.

Right after the tide has gone low; I gathered some of Granny’s traditional fishing tools in the boat, packed a sumptuous lunch for two and shoved off towards the sea together with a neighbor friend. As we go along, we see some friends going the same way. I knew from then that there’s something exciting yet to unfold.

The hour has gone so fast and right then and there we approached the large enclosure of bamboo and nets. We call it bamboo pole fishing trap wherein fishes stay for shelter. Fishermen use this as bait to catch more fish.

The adventure began when we started on our push nets, tried hitting it the sea ground, pushed it either to the left or right and lifted it afterwards to see how many fish were caught. A good catch shocked us with awe. There were big and small. Some were strange and some have different colors. The joy of seeing these creatures made us dive into the waters all over again until our basket became full. We signaled to some of our companion in the sea and bade goodbye. It was a long and tiring day but the experience was great.

 Lately I have heard in the news that the Philippines have to import fishes from the neighboring Asian countries such as China and Taiwan. I was quite perturbed about the issue since our country is surrounded by bodies of water which are rich in aquatic biodiversity. Rumors spread that wrong method of fishing such as dynamite fishing is one of the reasons on why Philippines is struggling to meet the domestic demands for aquatic products but the Department of Agriculture is somehow making ways to solve the problem and they believe that massive seaweeds farming is one of the many solution. I hope this issue would be resolved soon.

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24 responses to “Gone Fishing

  1. You are so right! It’s just puzzling that the country imports fishes from the neighboring countries when its bodies of water are teeming with marine life — edible at that. Granting that what the country imports are those that we don’t have, I also think that it should be the other way around.

    Anyway, eel is one of my favorite. The meat is tasty. The river nearby our place in the province has eels in it. I love all the photos, bro. So green; therefore, beautiful.

  2. The first time I heard of dynamite fishing, I thought it was a false rumor until I went to this beautiful island. I was admiring it’s pristine waters and beige sands until I stepped unto them, realizing they were grounded corals from years of dynamite fishing. My heart was crushed. I said to myself, “why?” Man’s greed, even desperation should never be an excuse to destroy mother nature. Those who committed this crimes think they fed their families by catching it easy, sadly, they killed the food that their children may have the chance harvesting when they are older. Okay, enough of the sad stories. Your post brought a sense of joy and adventure. I miss riding the “banca” and fishing with a bamboo pole. Beautiful pictures. God bless you and your family.

    • I agree with you IT.I went to a resort in Batangas and have seen grounded corals there instead of sand,the owner of the resort purposely designed so it would look more attractive to people.Maybe these corals are also caused by dynamite fishing just like what you have said..How sad..Fishing has been a part of my growing up years. bro,I’m a son of the sea and it’s like innate in me to fish..hehehe..These adventures are the one’s I miss so much…Thanks as always..

      • I am too a son of the sea..although I’ve yet to master swimming. But I advocate preserving the sea and all that is in it. Sea is life. We all should respect and value it. Stay blessed Bro..

  3. First off, I am loving the new banner. It radiates hopefulness. The theme puts back my faith in humanity.
    Second, the news saddens me. It’s a crying shame that our own people continues to spoil Mother Nature’s gift to us. I was craving so bad for some “turos” the last time I went home only to find out that the supply is far less abundant than it used to be back in the days. Exactly the reason why visiting home isn’t much of a thrill anymore.

    • Thanks Addie for the compliment.hehehe I’m always delighted when I see your name here in my comment box..=) Pareho pala tayo ng paborito..Lucky me kasi nung umuwi aq we have plenty of turos.Seasonal din kasi cguro un..hehehe..Thanks again..miss u..

  4. That’s a cool picture of you on the boat! Honestly, I haven’t tried using a “sagwan” to move a boat. I have only tried motored boats. I think I should put that on my wishlist :)
    Great photography, btw.
    It also saddens me that we need to import fish from other countries, while our country is surrounded by bodies of water. It is quite ironic. I will not say that the government is not doing anything to address this problem, because I’m sure they’re doing something. I will just say that they should do better thatn what they are doing now :)

  5. Hey John, can you bring me to one of these when I come home? Seriously!

  6. My pleasure bro, I hope time would let us.I’ll be your tour guide if ever=)

  7. Wonderful pictures and story of your fishing trip… Glad to see you blog again. ;-)

  8. What an experience you have there bro, looks like you had fun. Great take on that one, you on the boat, how cool is that…

    On dynamite fishing, it’s bad and it’s not good to earn money by doing such, so I salute all those fishermen who are doing it the traditional way… I agree, importing fish is a sad news considering that the Philippines is rich in natural resources…

    Great post…

  9. That’s a cool shot of you in the boat John! That looks pretty relaxing amid the lush landscape in the background. :)

    Even though I’m vegan and don’t eat fish, I think it’s a sad shame what is taking place over there. That dynamite fishing sounds pretty horrific. And I can certainly understand how damaging that must be to the ecosystem. I just hope that they are able to stop that devastation before it’s too late. Anyway, I’m glad you mentioned it in your post. It may not be happy news, but it’s good to know what is going on with our planet.

    By the way, that looks like a great place for a swim. I can envision myself going for a dip, and then relaxing under the trees with some fresh mango. Now that’s what I call pure heaven! :)

  10. Fishing and boating i love all of it , Nice post my friend :)

  11. Going back to basics. Lucky you to experience something the city cannot offer. :)

  12. Pasakay po!
    That boat shot is really cool!

  13. I will not be surprised if we started importing fishes. The way they are growing fishes at Laguna de Bay if you heard is a flop, many fishes died because they are so closed to each other so the fishes got suffocated. Well other country are importing chickens from us(the Philippines), they cannot grow enough chickens because of the bird flu in their country, that is why Magnolia are partnering with many Pilipino investors… seems like it’s a give and take. Before we export rice, five years ago some of our fellow country men are importing or buying rice from Thailand because they sell it in a much cheaper price than NFA are offering… there are some bureaucratic control behind. Sometimes the cause is purely business. NIce post.

  14. From what I was able to understand this sounds like
    trapping and netting fish. People I grew up with here
    on the gulf of mexico used traps to catch turtles, but
    for fish it was mostly “Trot Lines” (Long strings of
    baited hooks anchored to the river bed.

    I’m told I can get catfish by sticking a finger
    down their holes and wriggeling it like a worm –
    but I’m too scared to try this –

    What is that diamond-shaped fish with the
    yellow fins? They were everywhere when
    I went to a florida beach – eating little things
    my feet stirred up from the sand.

  15. Hey, it seemed you’ve gone fishing too long. We miss your blog posts :)
    Just checking out what you’ve been to lately :D

  16. That was really a very enjoyable moment you have experienced. I love the feeling when I caught a fish when I was just a kid. There’s something in it that always makes me smile. Our house is just near the sea, and most of the livelihoods in the neighborhood includes sea and fishing, and I’m am so happy to say that we are zero in illegal fishing. Great post! :)

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