Living the simple life

Many years ago, our house was made of bamboo and Nipa just like in the photo but Typhoon Rosing washed it ashore. Memories of it are still embedded on my thoughts. Someday, I’ll build a simple house like of the one we have dwelt in before.

Over the course of time, I have realized how our lives evolved from being simple to intricate. The way we live today is far different to the way we used to live before. The world is now in advance pattern where in technology plays an integral role that if without it, one can be unable to function properly. We’ve grown too reliant on this applied science making us forget the importance of living life conventionally.

Amid these changes, I’m hoping with fingers crossed that no matter how advance the world becomes, there’ll be places which will not be commercialized and altered leaving it natural just like how it existed before.

It’s a great story to tell to your children and grandchildren of tomorrow that once we had lived a not so complicated life. They may not experience it anymore and everything will just be stories of the past. If we care for them, then let’s take care of what’s left. The simple environment of ours today will be a heaven for them tomorrow.

We are too engrossed on how efficient we are living today especially with the use of modern stuff we have but can we go back a little to the basic? Sometimes, the things we yearn to have is indeed the cause of our troubles. Those things are the ones we can live without but since it is hip in our society then we crave and are dying for it. There are so many things we don’t need and yet we desire for it. See? Life is simple but it’s us who complicate it.

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16 responses to “Living the simple life

  1. Very beautiful and impressive.

  2. this is simply lovely and simple :)

  3. Great entry John and Congratulation my friend you deserve to have it

  4. You gave the house I gave the surroundings. You will know why when you get to see my entries.

  5. Wow a nipa hut! Great capture John!

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  7. great pics and take on theme.. ;)

  8. It is in the most simple of things that we can find true happiness. I miss these beautiful images. Of the countryside, the warm smiles, the “Nescafe” instant coffee with condense milk in the morning as I breath the sweet clean air, the sun rising happily, the roosters crowing, the day just perfect without stress…thank you for the beautiful photos and narration. Hope you like the “HUG” award…least I could do for bringing me today’s inspiration . God bless you and your family.

  9. Beautiful post John! I think that there is a lot of truth to the saying “less is more.” I like things to be simple and uncomplicated too. And I hope that we protect our environment for future generations to enjoy. Hopefully, we are beginning to understand the importance of taking care of our beautiful planet. By the way, I love the new look of your blog! The artwork is very creative. :)

  10. This is the reason why I love Catanduanes.
    For it’s simplicity.

  11. wonderful post, John. I used to live a very simple life and now as we slowly acquire this and that, I miss that simplicity. I like it when hear of people skidding firewood with horses. . . sheep wagons are still common. . . thank you for sharing your lovely photos and story.

  12. a very nice post. Very nostalgic, and i really living a simple life in the 90’s was a great time.. to grow up, to develop a kid’s character, to share joy and having an uncomplicated environment. I like the photos, beautiful lomography.

  13. I like the simple life too, and even ‘though I don’t live in the countryside, like in your photos, it is possible to do so. I call it knowing what you need, as opposed to what you want. I’m very fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful greenery which makes me feel I am at-one with Nature (I’m a Nature person!). A lovely post, john! Happy New Year to you. :)

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