Until Next Time

My mom was busy packing my clothes and as I sat near her I couldn’t stop myself from feeling sad all over. Tomorrow morning I would leave and soon I’ll be bringing some good memories together with me from this short stint vacation.

Though it used to rain during December in my hometown still I pursued to take a visit. The fact that I’ll be with my family is enough reason to go home. Some friends and familiar faces also added extra excitement during my stay.

We have had a terrible outflow of happiness because of the silly moments, beautiful places we’d been and funny trips we’ve indulged with. The tinge of nostalgia is coming all over my nerves and that I hate to say goodbye but since I don’t own the time I say until next time.

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Panganiban and Bagamanoc, Catanduanes,Philippines

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30 responses to “Until Next Time

  1. I so know how you feel, bro. Like you, I just got back from the province and I still feel like I’m there despite the fact that it’s been a day since …

    Happy New Year to you and your family!

  2. Aw, you went to my Bagamanoc. I’m coming home next weekend. I’ll see if I can drop by Panganiban and meet up with friends from there.

    Travel safe, John. :D

  3. I know the feeling John… Keep the special time and memories close to your heart… another year is here. ;-) ♥Happy ♥New ♥Year ♥ & TY for the blog love and connection! :-)

  4. Looks like you had a lot of fun. Great to see the bliss seen through the photographs. You must have enjoyed this vacation so much!

    Nice to have you back John, Happy New Year! :)

    • I enjoyed so much that I yearn for more..If only I have a month or more then probably I could have done much more… I really miss the fun…hehehe

      • Yeah I miss this kind of fun only this place can offer. Just simple living, blithe and untroubled… Thanks for sharing.

      • I love the nut, the coconut nut… haha. I really do miss this kind of place a lot, so thanks for sharing. Now I’m reminiscing. Our place used to be like this but due to some infrastructures, factories, this scenery is no longer visible… I miss those rice fields…the scare crow, etc

  5. what a baby. your mom was packing your clothes ???!!!!
    i guess mothers pamper their kids. But OMG children letting themselves be pampered :)

    anyway, wish you a Happy New Year :)

  6. Happy new year, Whenever you come back, you are my friend. :smile;

  7. What wonderful memories. The photos are beautiful, and I certainly understand your sentiment. One always longs to go “home” where ever that is. May the new year bring many blessings and celebrations your way.

  8. The landscape is so lush and your family is lovely…thank you for sharing it with us! The pictures made me smile!

    • whenever I go back looking at these pictures,I always get a surge of nostalgia.It makes me smile and feel sad just a mix of that..haay..Thanks Jeanne for the lovely comment.

  9. wonderful moments with loved ones and colourful, beautiful scenery
    thank you for sharing
    happy new year!

  10. Nice collection of pictures! Simply wow! Breath-taking views! I don’t blame you for missing such a beautiful, unpolluted place.

  11. Just stunningly gorgeous John! I love the lush greenery. It looks so peaceful. And the memories must be priceless. Nonetheless, I am sorry to hear about the flooding over there. That must have been horrific. I hope that things are improving. Happy New Year my friend! :)

  12. Bro, I’m happy for you that you had a lot of fun and great memories on your vacation. The photos shows how much joy you had exploring things and being around such amazing friends and family. Life is something we should celebrate everyday whenever we can. I hope and pray that 2012 will bring you more adventures, love and happiness. Thanks for sharing an unforgettable experience. Totally cool!

  13. My, those are beautiful – I could
    almost feel the humidity in the air,
    and hear the roar of the ocean.
    Thanks for sharing.

  14. Your photos present views of life most don’t get to see.
    Coconuts: the food of the gods. Those are coconuts, right? LOL

  15. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    This is just so very, very beautiful, so dreamy – wonderful. Gorgeous post.

  16. Nikki Yu

    hi John, it’s been a while. so glad to have visited wp today. fantastic post, as usual :))

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