Christmas Carol

A familiar tune sounded in the distance, seeming to come nearer yet at the same time fading. I gawked through our window searching out to where the tune came from. A group of little children loomed before my eyes as I peek more closely. They wore a timid smile with their faces turning red while blowing the notes of their song. It was cool that these children showed up to uplift my down spirit through their Christmas carols. In unison they sang commonly Christmas jingles, giving out what’s within their small diaphragm. At length they relinquished on their rendition and turned their heads up to me, waiting for the reward as expected. Instantly, I felt myself a shove to get my coins for them since an increasing anticipation was etched on their faces.I have sensed a chill of envy towards these kids who seems to be very ecstatic about the coming of Christmas. Unlike me, despite having a vivid and vibrant environment brought by the Christmas decor in our house and in the neighborhood, still I barely feel the essence of Christmas. It feels that this special day will just pass like the ordinary days I have slept in and woke up to. Why am I feeling such? Where has the excitement gone? I must admit I’m not a kid anymore thus gone are those days when I have to hang stockings. Gone are those days when excitement was about those kids stuff like that of Santa Claus and his gifts. I’m grown up now and that perhaps the reason I’m not so into Christmas. And not as intense as before my anticipation and yearnings towards it has faded. However, despite the poor turn my emotions had taken, I still know what Christmas is all about. In a deeper sense, the reason behind this occasion is something much important than what I am being sad about. After all it’s the birth of Christ that we celebrate and those gifts and other things are just secondary.

A gust of wind curled through my system making me realize how naive I am to still cling on the fancy thoughts as a kid. I then composed myself, picked up my emotional pieces and drew a smile on my face. Not a moment longer, another set of children arrived and started blowing out a tune. The minute I heard them had wonderfully transformed my dull outlook towards Christmas. Well, I was just too late to realize that it is much nicer to play as Santa Claus and make these kids happy than be sad and yearn for things that will never come again at least with this my longings are somehow filled.

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24 responses to “Christmas Carol

  1. Sorry to hear your emotions lately my friend. Must be deep seated to having such. Nonetheless, always remember the blessings you have in life, that the feeling you’re feeling right now is just temporary, that that thing too shall come to pass, that each of us undergoes the same process.

    On the lighter side, this is a good start “I then composed myself,picked up my emotional pieces and draw a smile on my face.” In the meantime, let me share you this song shared by IT to me

    I wish you well and Merry Christmas! :)

  2. you made me miss my family with this song my friend.I cant help but shed tears.I love songs like this.Perfect.The lyrics,the melody,and the video was great..Good thing I.T shared it to you…Advance happy holidays..=)

    • Yeah I agree, very uplifting. Perfect indeed. Yeah, IT is one of the best.

      Advance Happy Holidays to you too my friend. Stay blessed and count them :) Great day ahead!

  3. This was such a heartfelt post John. I’m sorry to hear that you are feeling down. Life does present itself with difficult challenges, but fortunately, things don’t stay that way for long. Nonetheless, kids do have a way of reminding us of how special Christmas is. That sounds like a blessing to have those kids drop by to sing Christmas carols. How did you get so lucky? I haven’t had any at my house yet! Seriously though, thanks for sharing your heartfelt emotions. I love how you wrote, “ In a deeper sense, the reason behind this occasion is something much important than what I am being sad about.” That is so inspirational. You are such a thoughtful writer. I wish you peace, comfort and happiness this Christmas season and throughout the year! :)

    • Thanks Donna for this heartwarming comment.There are plenty of kids here doing Christmas carols every night I’m just so glad they drop at our house.Maybe one of these days/nights there’ll be carolers in your house..Stay blessed my friend..

  4. pinoyleonardo

    I agree. It sometimes crosses my mind how i miss the Christmas in my childhood days. the excitement was really different. Moreso now, where I moved to overseas where Christmas is celebrted differently. I guess, if we keep searching by living the spririt of “God with us”, it’s a matter of finding a new meaning to Christmas.

  5. This is a thoughtful piece and while it has sad parts, it is filled with hope… :-)

  6. The True heart of Filipino is here , For Celebrating Christmas never be the same :)

  7. You’re right. And don’t worry! I’ll pray that you’ll have a happy happy Christmas!

  8. Whatever reason you have for that “sadness”, I hope it’ll be over anytime soon. I know you’re not selfish to really think you should feel such. Thanks to the kids who made you think back and realize that”stockings” are no longer your thing. Instead, you became a Santa. Welcome back — with a beautiful pieace for this time of the year!

  9. I miss the Christmas carols, the Star lantern by the window, the simple joys of Christmas around families. Reading this post makes me yearn for the Christmas of our country. There is nothing like it. Thank you for sharing this post, at least for moment, I heard the sounds of the Christmas carols of my childhood. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Wishing you all love , peace and happiness.

    • I hope sometime you can visit here my friend.It’ll be wonderful for you to experience Pinoy Christmas again..I wish you and your Family a Merry Christmas and bountiful new year too..

  10. I’m with you on no longer being as thrilled as we used to for all the Christmas-related stuff. After all, I have never been so much a fan. Then again, when those kids start to belt out the same old songs, nostalgia just automatically kicks back in. Suddenly you find yourself singing along with them.

    John as Santa Claus? Perfect.

  11. Few more days and its Christmas. Bro, just want to greet you and your family a Merry and blessed Christmas full of joy, peace and happiness.

  12. thirdhandart

    You’re right about the true meaning of Christmas… celebrating the birth of Christ. I think you’re doing an excellent job of figuring it all out. Keep writing!
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas! May the joys of the season fill you with peace and happiness.

  13. The Christmas blues are common,
    somehow sadness is worse on the
    Composer in the garden has posted
    something truly magical.

  14. Bro, just want to thank you for that inspiring comment. You made my day bright and merry!!!
    I do miss Christmas in the Philippines. The Christmas carols, the capiz start lanterns, the family gatherings over gifts and food, the church festivities, just the glow in each Filipino and their warm smiles, all these my heart miss. People back home don’t realize how lucky they are. Christmas is not about having lots of money, it’s being together despite of the most harden situation. It’s knowing you are love and that love sustains you in any circumstance. Here in America, despite of the glitters, it feels empty for those who chose to leave their native land for a better future. We yearn for home and that can’t be filled with any material delight….not even a new iPhone(ha,ha,ha).
    Wishing you and your family all the love , joy , peace and good health this Holiday season and everyday. A toast to a memorable 2011 and to an awesome 2012 to come.

  15. Christmas time does intensify these feelings for many of us, John – being with children who still enjoy it with so much delight is the next best thing

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