Joy in the Rain

It’s been raining a lot lately that I opted to stay at home and crouched on my bed without doing something productive. I let myself enjoy the music that rain creates and tried watching the silver raindrops that fills the ground. This has been my aid not to crave so much of going out with my friends. At least with this, I wouldn’t have to spend a single penny to pay for the gig. Good thing that this wet season became my excuse for some of my trivial activities scheduled for this month. Actually, I have been waiting for this shift of weather since I was in a long phase of hot and humid ambiance these past few months and not only that I’ve been missing also the joy of playing in the rain. Yes, just like any kid who loves splashing and getting wet, I also anticipate the coming of rainy days.

Rainy days bring back the kid in me…

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29 responses to “Joy in the Rain

  1. Thanks for a walk down memory lane. I used to play in the rain with my siblings and cousins. One of the happiest memories of my past. Now that I’m older, I would cuddle up and watch my favorite series when it rains. My son had a wonderful experience of playing in the rain last Summer. We did it once. i’m scared he may get sick. God bless you and your family always.

  2. Sleeping = Kid playing. I guess its equally synonymous to each other. Hehehe. The happiness, i mean. :)

  3. How sweet and sincere… those pictures bring back memories. :-)
    I’ve been out of the loop with power outages and conferences… Will catch up on comments soon. TY! :-)

  4. Rainy days can be so filled with peace and joy. It’s nice to see that you are taking some time to enjoy it. Why not slow the pace down every once in a while? It’s a great way to reenergize the batteries, so to speak! By the way, I have a “sound spa” machine that has recordings of raindrops falling on a rooftop. It’s the next best thing to have when it’s not raining. It’s also a wonderful distraction for traffic noises, etc. Anyway, thanks for sharing the serenity. Much peace to you and your family. :)

  5. Enjoy the wet season my friend. I agree, I love it when it rains as it gives me enough time to be lazy, just doing literally nothing at all, just enjoying watching every raindrops.

  6. In my country rainy season made people araound capital town felt sad. It because the flood. But for a people like me rainy season has made me feel a bit better. i dont know why,. may be i have been enjoying every raindrops that felt down in the ground.

  7. Now, you are more of a sentimentalist huh … I know the feeling, bro, and I so love it too!

  8. Jump in all those puddles :)

  9. Playing in the rain is something that Mama forbade me to do. So yeah, I missed out on it as a kid. Very sweet post, John.

  10. Same here John, I also love rainy days. All I wanna do is sleep and eat when it’s raining. Moreover, rainy days bring me in the mood to write while sipping a hot coffee/choco. I also like the first pic. Mukhang ang sarap sarap ng tulog natin ah. hehe :-D

  11. Beautiful picture on rainy days Sony great shot .

  12. lol i like twirling around in the rain. i wrote a poem about it too. will post it soon! nice blog

  13. My grandmother loved to watch
    thunder storms. She’d cook a
    meal and searve it on her porch.
    Then she would tell every one
    that it was raining. It was as if her
    favorite show was on, and she
    wanted to share it with us.

  14. awww! nostalgic. sarap maging bata! :)

  15. John, hope the rain has served you well!

  16. I love walking in the rain! I also loving sleeping when it rains.

  17. As you may have seen in the news, we had more than enough rain in Thailand this year that record floods were experienced in Bangkok, something not seen in the last 30 years. I am glad that my place was not affected at all. Like you, rain does bring out the melancholy in me. When I listen to music while it is raining hard, I get this warm feeling inside me. Somehow in the gloom happiness blossoms.

  18. just wishing a blessed holidays filled with love, joy and peace. Bro, Merry Christmas….

  19. Oh I miss bathing in the rain too! I enjoyed that as a child although my parents would scold me later because they thought I would get sick after. Anyways, that was a very cute photo of that child in the rain!
    P.S. I added your site in my blogroll. I hope you don’t mind :)

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