Keeping the spirit of volunteerism alive…

Last Saturday morning I received a text message from my professor inviting me to join an outreach program for the homeless people of Dr. Jose Rizal, Majada Canlubang Laguna. I felt ecstatic about the idea since I have never indulged myself doing some charitable works before so I sent my confirmation and set my mind for the project. Sunday morning is the actual event and seven o’clock is the call up time. I woke up early, fixed my things and headed towards the meeting place. From there I met my fellow alumni, trainees and some of my Professors. That morning serves as our reunion and the time to refresh the sticky bond we once had. After that we have eaten our breakfast and gear up to the location.

Dr. Jose Rizal, Majada Canlubang, Laguna

My heart is pounding while we’re on our way towards the relocation site because on every corner I can see how impoverished the people are especially those who live in tent. I could feel that they’re lacking of comfort and that they actually need help. Good thing that Gawad Kalinga (GK)-Dualtech “Bayanihan” project is purposely organized to help these people and I am fortunate enough to be a part of it.

Dualtech Alumni and trainees helping to build houses for the residents of Majada, Canlubang Laguna.

The activity is quite different from other outreach programs that usually dole out some goods and even money. What we’ve done is we catered our service through our strength, hard works and enthusiasm to help build a much comfortable houses for the less fortunate ones. We put our effort on hands by performing physical labor for digging holes and shoveling. We also did manual labors such as lifting cements and carrying sacks of sand and we even helped in wiring installation. The job is pretty tough as our hands sore because of the constant irritation we get from the shovel as we dig manholes but it is nothing compared to the sufferings that our beneficiary is encountering day in, day out.

An outpouring passion that flare-up from my fellow Alumni and so with the trainees kept me motivated to continue my tasks though it is physically tiring. Looking at them makes me inspired to unleash more energy from my system. I knew they were tired also but for the spirit of helping I have never heard them sigh.

Gawad Gawad Kalinga (GK ) “Bayanihan” in Dr. Jose Rizal, Majada Canlubang, laguna was a project of Dualtech Center my Alma mater.

There’s nothing more rewarding than to offer a service to the less fortunate people. Seeing them happy even with a little effort you’ve done to them is really heartwarming. I believe this is one of a kind experience that I’ll forever be proud of.

Dualtech Alumni and trainees together with the Professors and the residents of Majada out.

The priceless smile that was painted over the faces of these people was the prize we’ve got for the volunteerism we offered. We may not fill all their needs for their living at least the burden they’re carrying was lighten through our small efforts.

A sponsored post by Dualtech Training Center.

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32 responses to “Keeping the spirit of volunteerism alive…

  1. Very noble, John. You have inspired. Been wanting to do some volunteer work – like teaching English to poor kids (I heard of an organization called Hands On Manila) but my schedule is not so much flexible. Sigh.

  2. Yes, Addie. That was a very good Idea.The result is very rewarding though as I have said it is really physically tiring hehehe..I think time will come and you can reach out with these poor ones and it is more effective because you’re going to cater them your talent..Tnx for dropping by..=)

  3. What a nice smile.When you work for other people, you can feel that you are thanked and appreciated.It’s happy for every one. :smile:

  4. What a noble act. Although it was tiring but I’m sure it was all worth it as doing things like this is such a fulfilling job to do. I salute you John and the rest of your friends here…

    The joy you brought to the people in this place is priceless!

  5. This was one touching post John. The work that you are doing is something that those less fortunate people will forever be appreciative. You have a kind spirit. I agree with you that helping those in need can be so satisfying. I know that your loved ones must be so proud of you. Thanks for all that you are doing to help the less fortunate in your community. :)

  6. pinoyleonardo

    This is cool! I have picked Gawad Kalinga as an interesting social contribution and wanted to feature it in my blog. You were ahead of me! Btw, I didn’t know you’re a Dualtech alumni. I know some people from there.

  7. nice. volunteer work is always awesome. used to teach Bible stories to street kids every summer. really fun. great work john! :)

  8. fulfilling indeed we do that yearly sa work. sulit ang pawi at bigat ng hollowblocks. hehe keep it up! :)

    • Hi thanks for dropping by,I knew you know the feeling of helping other people..Great to know that you’re doing volunteer works yearly” thepinaysolobackpacker”

      I followed you on Facebook,,

  9. All of you looked so radiant offering your service of goodwill . Kudos! :-)

  10. Bro, you truly are a good hearted man. I admire you generosity and kind spirit. To share and give your time and resources to help the less fortunate is a noble virtue that should serve as a role model for our youth. Everyone in your group deserves to be recognized for their charitable work. We need more people like you guys. Best of all you all looked like you enjoyed the whole experience. Great smiles. God bless you and your family always. thanks for sharing these amazing post.

  11. Great Story john “BAYANIHAN” together always works :)

  12. Yes jake..Thanks for dropping by..=)

  13. Jay

    Wow. This is a very nice act. I would love to be a part of it. But how?

    • Hi jay,

      been busy and can’t drop at your blog often pero maybe next week I’ll try reading your stories I think may bago ka na..hehehe

      I am so lucky that I was invited by my Professor for this event good thing di aq tumanggi.About sa tanong mo kung paano magjoin I think search ka sa net hehehe.tsaka yung mga fun run sali ka kasi merong iba na they’re helping for a good cause..

  14. naks naman.. wanna try this also, pero gusto ko para sa nature.. (ie. clean up drive, tree planting)

  15. Keep the spirit of Good Samaritan in you. There’s a lot of people people out there who are in dire need of it.

  16. John, I really enjoy reading your blog! I have awarded you with The Liebster Blog Award. The details are on my blog. Have a wonderful weekend! :)

  17. myfilthyroom

    good job my friend, very noble indeed! :D

  18. Very touching post John, I almost cry (you might think am just saying it, but am serious). Heartwarming. You must be lucky to be able to do some noble things like this. I adore your genuine kindness. Keep it up!


  19. “I have never indulged myself doing some charitable works” – this shows a lot of insight, John :-D It is a rewarding experience for both parties

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