I sat around the corner of my room and grabbed the radio on my side, turned it on and tuned to some old songs. I felt a soothing sensation when the sweet melody started blowing into my ears and I find out that my mind has turned to dreaming, remembering old moments from the past.

I don’t know why”The old songs “by David Pomeranz keeps me weepy whenever I hear it. It brings a lot of memories to me especially when I was a kid. The lyric is for lovers but I have a different interpretation of it maybe because of its sentimental harmony that I connote it with my childhood experiences way, way back. This song caused me to figure out the transition of my life, from my childhood, to the High School and College life and even up to the present.

I wanted to go back from that certain point of time when I’m still naive and innocent…

I wanted to go back from that certain point of time when I’m still naive and innocent…


As a child growing up in a small town in the province of  Catanduanes ,I was accustomed to so many beautiful things such as the culture and the pristine surroundings  thus I may say that the place where I grew up has a big contribution to what I call a happy childhood. As far as I could remember we own every rice fields, creeks and even mountains as our playground. No one will tell you not to step on it because someone owns it. It’s ours and we can play whenever we wanted to. No wonder why I have so many scars on my legs, feet and even on my body. All of that are living proof on how I have enjoyed being a kid on a countless summer and rainy days.


Me and my High School classmates..

I was this typical student who’s like the others that go with the flow. I’m a dead fish back then. I never had the guts to show what I really have and what I can do. I’m not good in academics or anything and I really hated mathematics. Math is my fear, my greatest fear. Often I would sit far from my teacher to avoid my name to be called and If by chance I get spotted then I’ll just succumb to embarrassment and let my classmates laugh at me and I’ll laugh at myself too. I envied my seatmate because she’s good at the subject that out of her pity, she would open her test-paper and let me gawk at it during exam .I pitied myself for being slow that  sometimes I ask God why He’d let me suffer that fate.


My class adviser once told me that I’m good in English because she has read my essays and saw a potential in me being a writer someday. I chuckled with my ears clapping as if I can’t believe with what I heard from her. That’s impossible I said because even my English teacher just gave me 86 as my final grade and I don’t think that’s good enough.         Now I consider myself as a self-proclaimed writer and no one can object that…hehehe


I get to know what love and heartache is. I get to know the real meaning and value of friendship and most of all I was able to unearth life’s beautiful journey through this stage.   I miss my friends in High School. I miss the feeling of having a crush. I miss the terror teachers. I miss mathematics and the fear it gives to me. I miss doing home works and most of all I miss the recess.


 During my college years..



I became more mature the day I stepped into College. It seems everything is a preparation for my future. I learned the value of discipline and so with the hard-works. Looking back to the years I spent in our institution caused me to feel quite nostalgic. Memories of my struggles are still fresh and often recurring constantly reminding me on how fortunate I am that I was able to surpass the challenges brought by the tough system of the College I was in. It has a strict implementation of policies which quite frankly became the hardest challenge for me. It has a semblance of a Military school where in everyone is obliged to conform to the set of laws. It’s funny back then on how I hated the so-called Merit/Demerit system in which students are being punished through the deduction of points whenever they failed to comply with the rules especially in observing punctuality. Loitering and littering are also considered as crimes and even  spitting and slouching which you think are just simple acts also have corresponding penalties. Taking a nap during break-time is prohibited and once you get caught be ready for the sanctions. Many a times I would check on my haircut if it’s within the standard and so with my mustache and beards if it is properly trimmed because grooming is a part of maturity. It’s an order for us to look mature and professional and being professional is acting as if you’re responsible with your moves at all times that’s why horse playing and unnecessary actions inside the campus is absolutely in contradiction with our code of conduct. Admittedly, I find it really hard to act upon these rules that I often complain and grumble but little did I know that if not  because of these strict orders  I wouldn’t be able to hone my discipline.  Truly, there are certain things in life that seems difficult at times but becomes valuable in the future.

Me and my work mates…

As the song ends I realized how I have traveled back in time. Old songs really can bring back the old times…

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21 responses to “Bygones…

  1. David Pomeranz is one of my favorite. I was in elementary when I heard his song, ” Got to believe in magic.” Just like you, listening to old songs brings back fun and nostalgic memories of my youth. These are the days when I was care free, living a life without worries, having jamming sessions with friends, simply having a happy time at the beach with family and friends. If I can go back and relive them again, I would for sure. But since I can’t, I have this kind of songs to open the sweet doors of the past. Thank you for helping me remember and for such a beautiful post. And yes, your teacher was right, you are a good writer. Stay blessed bro, I wish you and your family the best things in life.

    • Thanks It.its just so nice to reminisce about the old times especially when its raining and the radio is on..I just can’t help myself but waste a tear..God Bless your Family always..=)

      • That makes the three of us reminiscing now … And it’s a MUSHY one!

        High school is still the best among the “three”. This article made me extra sentimental today and I thank you for that. It’s healthy to reminisce things in the past especially if it’s about high school as there’s more of the funny moments than sad …

        I feel like I am a teenager today …

  2. thank you so much for your wonderful story.

  3. the old songs is one of the saddest songs around, ever. idk why, it never fails to bring a sense of nostalgia

  4. Thank you for sharing this review :)
    Just wondering : Do you think that acting mature and responsible drives fun out of your life? ;)

  5. wordsfallfrommyeyes

    Lovely photos, John. You with your aunty on the back of the truck – that looks so happy. Yes, old songs can really make you wistful, I totally agree. We just can’t get it back though, we just can’t. A really great post – interesting & so much about your life :)

  6. high school life is the best =)

  7. HI John – just found you because you subscribed to my blog. thank you.
    I love reading about your early life and had to Google Catanduanes and so now I know a little more about this wonderful world in which we live.
    I also Googled David Pomeranz. So thank you for showing me two new things today. :)

  8. This is such a beautiful post about the power of music to transport us back in time. I enjoyed it including the Pomeranz reference. :-)

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  10. I click your link to the “The old songs,” and as I listened to that song that I have not heard for maybe more than 15 years, it really brought back memories. Thank you for taking me down memory lane with your article.

  11. Wow. Such a beautiful post with many sweet memories. The music was great. Haven’t heard it in forever.

  12. Thanks guy for the feedbacks..I’m so happy sharing these life moments.Truly its nice to reminisce with a song,you can really feel it all the more sentimental..=)

  13. This was such a beautiful post John! Old songs do have a way of getting us to reminisce about the many fond memories of our youth. I must admit that I’m not familiar with David Pomeranz. I know that I will be soon though. I will check the song out. It’s always great when I learn something new from other bloggers. So, thanks for sharing. Also, thanks so much for dropping by my blog and subscribing. I am looking forward to reading more of your lovely posts. Best wishes to you and your family. :)

  14. A lovely post. Thanks for sharing the memories.

  15. I like your middle parted hair….hahahahhaa…its something back then huh…. ;)

    Now I got my high schools memories flashes before my eyes. Thanks to you I miss those time :)

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