Looking for a Part-time job?

Taho a Philippine snack food made of fresh soft/silken tofu, arnibal (brown sugar and vanilla syrup), and pearl sago (similar to pearl tapioca).[2] This staple comfort food is a signature sweet and can be found all over the country. The Indonesian and Malaysian equivalent of this snack is tauhue.(source Wikipedia)

Balut is a fertilized duck embryo that is boiled alive and eaten in the shell. (Source Wikipedia)

Perhaps I have the best work schedule any man would be envy of. I am working 4-3/3-4 every week which means 4 days of duty and 3 days of rest and vice versa. Having an ample time to relax I have come to think of doing an extra activity that will let me earn sort of income. The first thing that hit my mind is indulging into an online job but that requires a long time, for me to get the results of my efforts and it’ll just cost a very little fee.

My quest for a part-time job hunt don’t end with that and consulting the internet again is still an option. I have thrown myself to the web and I am too engrossed searching but nothing came out to satisfy what job I am looking for. I think there are little and very rare opportunities for the part-time job seekers here in the Philippines. I sighed in disappointment until one of my friends suggested a thing jokingly which up to now is still being discerned by my psyche. She has actually two suggestions which I think is considerably possible and a way smarter than the jobs being offered in the internet.

At first I burst out laughing with the idea of Taho vending until I got the real thought that my friend has tried to imply from the moment she said that idea. Fresh “Taho” is being sold in the morning and quick money is at hand after selling this product either house to house or street by street. Guts and a persuading voice is the main capital for this job. I ended up agreeing with her since I totally got her point.

If Taho vending is for the morning shift, selling Balut is then for the night shift. What a great idea, Right? I can do both tasks during my idle days. So the scheme would be “Taho” vending in the morning, rest from lunch up to noon and selling “Balut” at night. The result would be very productive only if I’m going to try. My friend’s idea is a brilliant one and I commend her for that but I think I’m lacking the guts and as saying goes…

“No guts, No glory”. How about you? Would you dare?

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35 responses to “Looking for a Part-time job?

  1. pinoyleonardo

    Is it part-time job you are looking for? Or are you looking for financial indepenence? As for me, i am looking for the latter! It means being bale to do what you want and still be able to earn sufficiently for your needs an your dependents’. My wish is to have some business that earns big bucks or some investment that earns me while i do the things I like- writing, teaching and maybe some community service. Oh, that’s easier said than done!

  2. I think what I am looking for is part time job because I still prioritize my job in a certain company since its my bread and butter but because of the schedule wherein I have many idle days I have thought of indulging myself in any productive activity wherein I can earn money aside from my salary..I think its a bit financial independence too.ehehe.The idea is great but as you have said its easier said than done..so if I’m going to try it then thats the time things will materialize but I’m still earning lots of guts and thats the problem hehehe..My friend is laughing a devil laugh onto whether I would submit to her suggestions or not ..hehehe

  3. Haha, what a nice idea there from your friend. I don’t think I can dare do it, if I was on my teens, maybe yes but now, I still have to accumulate a lot of guts to be able to do it…

    • hahaha..I’m still laughing ’bout it, Arvee.During my elementary years I was able to experience selling Balut in our town together with my neighbor who’s older than me.We’re using sidecar instead of bike and that was fun.I was too young then that I don’t feel timid.In fact i’m very happy after the Baluts were sold out.Of course I’m going to get my share and thats what really matters.Now I don’t think if I can still do that but who knows..hehehe

  4. If possible, I want to take a part-time job. However, a part-time job is too low salary to afford our living in our country.
    Hope that you will find your favorite job. :smile:

  5. let us know how it goes when.. you finally have the guts to do it.

    wag mo kami kalimutan pag naging milyonaryo ka ha… :)

  6. Just like you, I get lucky that I get to have 3 days off but it’s every other weekend and in between I get two days off 2-2-2, weird schedule but that’s how we roll in E.D. nursing. Anyhow, I enjoyed reading your possible part time job. Both the “taho” and ” balot” are my favorite. I miss them. . I used to get “taho” when I was reviewing for the boards. Good old times. The internet seems cool too. It’s just hard to find what really works. If its me, I would like to pursue writing or painting but they both seem like a ” either you make it or not” scenarios. I would like to work as a nurse in a resort or a theme park. It’s like having fun while getting paid. Both are non-existent in Houston. Bro, whatever you do, I know that you will do well. You’re a hardworking person, smart and easy to get along with. All aces in your favor. God bless you in your future undertakings.

  7. I called them street fighter so am i :)

  8. Bro., let know about the outcome just in case you’ll succumb to your friend’s suggestion.

    It would be great to see you serve as an inspiration to us, don’t you think? Hehe …

    Seriously, that’s a pretty decent job and I am one of the many people who look up to those Taho or Balot Vendors as it takes courage and GOOD VOICE to do job right. Imagine if a Taho vendor sounds like my English teacher in elementary before who has a cat like voice. It will surely NOT attract customers.


    I would love to see you around our place if ever.

    I had real fun reading this post, Bro. Dios mabalos for sharing!

    • hahaha my friend is laughing all over again..Thanks bro for dropping by..I think I’m going to make it delivered just for you hehehe rather than going in your place I think malulugi yata ako hehehe…Mas mahal yata pamasahe papunta sa inyo kesa sa kikitain ko..just joking..

  9. Another serious thing bro is, that’s is actually a great idea if we are to look at it deeper. Who knows, it will really make difference at least to you.

    Patungkol dun sa delivery, social ka bro. Ibig sabihin, there’s picture being developed here. That’s nice. Exploring the possibilities.

  10. Another serious thing bro is, that’s is actually a great idea if we are to look at it deeper. Who knows, it will really make a difference at least to you.

    Patungkol dun sa delivery, social ka bro. Ibig sabihin, there’s picture being developed here. That’s nice. Exploring the possibilities.

  11. I really have fun time reading this blog plus the comments… Haha… Thanks for sharing my friend! :)

  12. Congratulations. I share the Versatile Blogger award with you. Thanks for reminding me of home. Your post is one of the best, thank you.

  13. thank you so much..IT.you brought so much smile in me..I’m so happy..

  14. Hi John, I would like to offer a word of encouragement and advice if I may. If your plans are pleasing in God’s eyes he will bless your plans abundantly. So with that said, I would offer this word of advice, be consisntent! Once you begin selling your goods be sure to tell your customers when and where they can find you next time. Here in Houston we have food truck vendors, very popular, the ones that are having the most success always let the people know where they are going to be the next day. They use twitter and facebook to put the word out. Once people fall in love with your food they will want to buy from you over and over again. Not exactly sure why I felt I should share that with you other than God laid it on my heart and now I have done it. Blessings to you!

    • I am very touched with your advice Jeanne ,Thanks for the words of encouragement.If its God will then I think it would happen and I hope he would bless me abundantly as you have said..thanks so much for dropping by..

  15. haha I had a good time reading this post plus the comments :-D Just in case you would like to pursue this part-time job, I would be your first customer ‘cos taho is one of my favorite foods :-D Mura na masustansya pa hehe.

    But seriously, if you want an online part-time job, why don’t you try teaching English to Koreans and Japanese. It’s really fun and you only need skype, internet and pc. And since you are such a talented writer, you can also try online writing. Some of my friends are doing that :-) Good luck in your quest for a part-time job. And just like what Happy Sole said, sana hindi mo kami makakalimutan pag yumaman ka na. hehehe :-D

    • Hi Lovely,
      yes I tried already that online writing job and I’m still associated with two online writing sites but it needs an ample time for me to earn there.hehehe..And that of teaching Koreans to speak English I haven’t tried that but that was a good Idea and I’d love to try that…

      OF COURSE di q kayo kakalimutan if time comes na yumaman aq..hahaha..Ang tagal nga eh but I’m patient hehehe..

  16. Oh I love TAHO, kuya John! Just tell me where I could catch you :)

  17. let me add something to your friend’s suggestion, you may want to sell pancit canton together with your taho…well, it works here in Cebu especially in bus and jeepney terminals. hehehe

    same tayo, I am also looking for a part time job. I am connected to the corporate world but I wish that there will come a time when I own my time and I am my own boss..hayyy.. here’s the logic “bigger pay=bigger responsibility” ahahahaha

    • hahaha that was nice too lethalchick,I’ll consider your suggestion hehehe..am still earning pa so I can have my own business rather than being an employee..Mas free kasi tapos mas mganda chance para mas malaki kita hahahaha..thanks for dropping by..

  18. myfilthyroom

    parang ang hirap naman mag-benta ng taho. sobrang tiring. mag-ihaw ihaw na lang ako. hehe.

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