Happy Grandparents Day

I feel cold

Can you lend me your blanket for a good sleep?

I am hungry

Can you share your food to warm my stomach?

I am tired

Can you help me carry some of my burdens?

I miss home

Can you please guide me back?

It’s my day today

Do you still remember?

It’s my day today

Would you care greeting me “Happy Grandparents Day”?

I was surprised by a single text message which I received from a friend reminding me to greet my Grandparents today since it’s their special day. I am not keen when it comes to celebrating stuff like that thus I consider it as a usual day. A moment later I was driven by my conscience to forward that simple message to my Mom ordering her to tell it to my Grandma and Grandpa at the house since I’m away from them. The surge of guilt that rushed towards my veins flowed continuously when I stumbled upon this photo(The old woman).I am blessed that my Grandparents are not in the same scenario and that alone is something  to be grateful about.

If you haven’t greeted your Grandparents yet, greet them now and express your feelings and thoughts about them. Tell them how special they are. Life is so short. Tomorrow they might be gone…

To all my friends here at Word Press I ‘m greeting you and your Grandparents a HAPPY GRANDPARENTS DAY.

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13 thoughts on “Happy Grandparents Day

  1. Happy Grandparents’ Day to your lola and lolo! Unfortunately, I have no grandparents anymore. But I was really touched while reading your post. It’s great that we have a day in the calendar to honor and give thanks to our grandparents.

    I’ve been very busy lately so I couldn’t write for a long time. But thanks for dropping and leaving a message. How about you? How have you been? Btw, I like your new blog layout :D

  2. The image and the poem made me feel sad inside. It’s like my very own grand parent speaking. All my grand parents passed away now and my last grandma passed away without me seeing her for the last time. I’m glad you made this post so we will not forget our loving grand parents. Most of the time we forget that need to be celebrated too. That they crave for our love. A kiss , a hug, a kind word is all they ask.

  3. How sweet of you to do the greeting for us. I admit, I forgot about that special for grandparents. Nonetheless, before I made this comment, I’ve texted my grandma already whose in the province.

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