Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

"Tarahid" San Pedro st.Panganiban,Catanduanes

When I was in High school I used to walk this path briskly so I could catch our flag ceremony. No wonder why my shoes were easily worn out. Back and forth I should have to march this aisle, though tiring still I need to pursue. Thanks for my neighbors who happened to be my classmates who turned the burden of walking into a beautiful road journey.

I miss them, I miss this road and the adventure enclosed with it.

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13 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

  1. I love how the road seems endless…the green backdrop is beautiful…good shot john…

    but i kinda find your head blog pic weird thou….i think you should change it

  2. John, this is such a beautiful photograph and I do hope this path has lead you to so many wonderful points in your life, with so many more to come. The sky is so full of mystery . . .

  3. a great image with a wonderful story.
    enjoy the road that is ahead 0f you – the best is yet to be.
    thanks for sharing.

  4. the path is lit with the rush of your feet and I am drawn down it by green and your story to whatever awaits in that blue,blue sky. ‘a beautiful road journey’, John. thank you for sharing this.

  5. such beauty here in its simplicity

  6. beautiful scenery. i miss the simplicity of our place, like your pic above…

  7. Beautifully edited. Lovely path image and lovely path words.

  8. I saw your name come up at Rob-a-minute’s blog. Just want to mention that you are doing a good job on your blog. It is unfortunate that you had that eye disease. That is your priority, of course, to take care of your health. I thought you werealso writing for Triond? I started writing for Triond less than a month ago. Please visit me. Thanks and good luck!

  9. This road or, should I say, path is very similar to what we have for the same in my hometown – as the ambiance there. The effects you used oftenly, like I said before, added drama on it. Nice picture, bro!

  10. “Thanks for my neighbors who happen to be my classmates who turns the burden of walking into a beautiful road journey.” Bro, You made me remember how it was in high school. I used to walk too and I’m notorious for being late. No regrets though. Those years were awesome. I miss those days too. Life was care free and always fun. No worries except passing the finals. As for friendships, some of them I get in touch with. A great photo with a beautiful story of your past. God bless you on your journey. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I remember those days of walking to school. They were much more enjoyable after meeting up with my friends to walk the rest of the way. Kept me skinny. LOL.

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