Back for good

I recently spent a number of idle days away from the internet but close to nature due to the illness I acquired from the constant exposure to ultraviolet rays and radiation coming from the computer. It’s been a year since I was cursed to suffer this fate that I’m having hard times dealing with it. I am constantly agitated by this hell sort of eye disease called pterygium thus I decided to take a short hiatus from blogging and net surfing. My Doctor has prescribed me to do it so I could rest my eyes. It may not cure but at least can help prevent the gradual growth of pterygium onto my cornea.

I felt incomplete as if something innate in me is urging to come out when I was away from the blogging world. It seems that my hand is longing for pen as my thoughts flicker every time I see things looming to happen. I also miss my friends who from time to time take a visit on my site and leave their “Be well” messages. I left for a while but it’s like a year already and I am not used to it. I miss interacting with you guys and now I’m back for good…

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13 responses to “Back for good

  1. Nice to hear back from you my friend. Welcome back and have a good one! :)

  2. Hi John! Hope you are feeling better.


  3. Yes louise I feel better now..much thanks..

  4. bahala na ang backlogs, labas na kasi!! :) glad you’re doing fine…

  5. pinoyleonardo

    Hey man, take care! Can you share more about your expereicne with this illness? I mea for the sake of info. I’m sure a lot of people are interested to know especially bloggers as we are constantly in front of the computer.

  6. Hi Rob,
    A year ago I noticed a small white pigment on my right eye but I ignored it. As days goes by I started to feel a tingling sensation whenever I face the computer thus I decided to have a check up and the doctor concluded that it was a “pterygium” a disease caused by the constant exposure to ultraviolet rays and she added that radiation coming from the computer can be a reason too on why I have acquired it.It is also heriditary but on my case it is not since we don’t have a history of pterygium in our family.”Pterygium” is a non-cancerous growth of the conjunctiva where in the white of the eye invades the cornea.
    Whenever I wake up in the morning I feel something like a dust/dirt on my eye causing it to dry and I have hard times producing tears.The doctor told me that I should take artificial drops to lessen the dryness and I was prescribed to rest my eyes.If this problem continue to affect my sight then thats the time to have a surgery..=)

  7. Welcome back, my friend! I kind of like to think you just went into hibernation and the John that came back now is all fresh and “kicking”!

  8. I hope your health is getting better . I do understand how it feels like not to Blog and be away from the computer. It’s like a drug that you can’t live without. They say once you’re an artist, you’ll always be an artist and once you’re a blogger, you’ll always be one irregardless of circumstances. But do take care of your health first and when you come back after long hibernation, you creativity will burn like a wildfire. Stay cool always.

  9. Hi John, sorry to hear about your eye problem and hope this gets resolved soon. Please make sure to take good care of your eye because we will miss you for a really long time if your eye condition worsens. always take care!!

  10. They say your body has ways of
    telling you when you’ve been sitting
    down and staring for too long. For
    me it’s headachs – a mussel pain in
    my eyes and a really bad pain in the
    neck and back. The pain suddenly
    dissappered when I left the computer
    for several days. So it must have been
    the cause. Still, I feel like all my readers
    will stop comming if I don’t give them
    something new – I also produce
    drawings, and feel like my life will
    come to an end if I’m not working
    on them. I tried to take a break and
    started writing another story – I took
    a walk but always feel like I should be
    doing something constructive.

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