Weekly Photo Challenge: Flowers

I wonder on how this world would look like without Flowers..

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27 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Flowers

  1. Gosh, that’s a really good shot, and a strange flower too, lovely colours! I think the world would like rather grey and flat without flowers in bloom.

  2. Nice choice. There are a lot of variety on this one but the predominant color here in our place is orange, we call it as “kanding-kanding” :)

  3. Great detail in your photo!

  4. Wow.Great job.I can’t imgine how the world will be.

  5. Wow, what a colorful flower! :) Cute, anong tawag jan??

  6. Beautiful flower, John! Very!
    But then again, is there such thing as an ugly flower?

    I love the contrast agains green, pink, and yellow.
    Whats this flower call?

  7. Beautiful, colorful flower. Love it!

  8. a world without flowers is a sad and gloomy world…hope you can check out my red rose here:


  9. What an extraordinary flower, John. Beautiful photograph. What flower is it?

  10. That flower has many colors. Nice.

  11. Nikki Yu

    a world without flowers is like a world without music John. :) great shot as usual

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  13. Hi guys thanks for the insightful comments you left on my blog especially in this entry..I’ll just take little hiatus and maybe I can offer back seeing your entry too and also leave my comments there on your page..I just need to rest my eyes for a while,it aches since my pterygium is active due to constant contact with computer…Be back for a while..=)

  14. Len

    like the color of the flower! :-)

  15. such a beatiful flower!! i love it!!!

  16. Great shot of an unusual looking flower. It’s like a flower made up of mini flowers!

  17. mamie

    good pic..you now,that flower is very pretty but it’s not nice to smell..in our province(la union) we call it “bang-bangsit”..nabangsit means in tagalog “mabaho”..
    it has a bad smell..

  18. Very colorful John! In answer to your question, I think the world will either be very green, brown and grey or very gloomy as I think flowers uplifst the spirit of man.

  19. Cheery & bright! And you are right – without flowers, planet earth would be rather drab & dreary.

  20. In my hometown (at the north of Luzon), this flower is called ROSE BANGGAL. Rose is a known word so let me discuss how the word Banggal was attached.

    Banggal in our language (Ybanag) means foul odor and it was associated with the pungent smell the flower produces. It’s funny actually because the pungent smell is not a foul odor – I think. I must say that the natives of our place have a different sense of smell. Hehe …


    We use the fruits of this plant as bullets for our palukki (a toy gun made out of bamboo).

  21. Hey John, beautiful shot! Hope your eyes are improving. Close them, rest them and enjoy the images in the peace of your mind.

  22. A World without flowers is a dull, monotonous place to be in. That is one beautiful photo. Back home, I see some of these grow as wild flowers and they never fail to fascinate me. Here in the U.S. they are sold as potted flowers. Can’t keep something that pretty for long. God bless you and your family. I’ve been so busy with work lately that i’ve delayed with the responses, keep us inspired my friend.

  23. The “goat-goat” flower is a species of lantana. The genus is native to tropical regions of the Americas and to South Africa. No species in the genus are native to the Philippines, but people have planted them there and in other parts of the world; I saw a type of lantana growing wild in Australia a few years ago. In Texas, where I live, the native species is Lantana urticoides.

    Steve Schwartzman


    • In Australia, lantana is regarded as a noxious weedto be eradicated, despite its pretty flowers. In Melbourne, I’ve seen another one colloquially called the ‘fruit salad’ flower because of the many colour variations of the flowerheads within the one plant. It is pretty, tho, as all weeds are! A lovely photo, john! :O)

  24. heii… I know that flower..
    latin name is Lantana camara. its like a weed..
    haha lol :D

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