A man on the street

Often I grumble on how hard are the tasks I shoulder everyday like staying for long hours and on holidays with a minimum pay, dealing with hard to please bosses and doing an arduous physical activity during work. Everything seemed to be a real headache .I felt as if there’s too much pressure that we need to carry when we are in the workplace. I can’t blame myself if sometimes I hate going to work because it’s like a wrong environment for me. If only there’s a job which the scope of duty is just to enjoy and dawdle the whole day then I could be the first applicant. But life isn’t like that and there’s more to reality that I should have to learn.

One day when I was walking home I took heed of a man pushing his wooden trolley and collecting plastic bottles and a variety of garbage from house to house. He was untidy and looks as if he has not eaten his breakfast. A woman whom I distinguished as my neighbor scolded him and drove him away from her place but the man never loses his wit and still pursued to the next house which was ours and to my pity I handed him the plastic bottles he needed. He uttered thanks and it was then that I realized how lucky I am for having a stable job. I haven’t been grateful about the blessings I do receive that other people wish to have. That man really taught me a life’s lesson.

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7 responses to “A man on the street

  1. true, i wish there was a job that would require you to just enjoy and have fun or just do nothing. hehe. kudos to the mangbo-bote. :)

  2. yeah i agree, from these people we learn to realize how blessed and lucky we are. somehow we forget to recognize small things in life that when we lost them only then that we appreciate their value

  3. sometimes, all it takes for us to realize some life lessons is a little awareness …

  4. Same here. Sometimes I complain how hard , stressful my job is but when I watch the news about the laying off of workers all over the country. I felt guilty and humbled. Makes me feel grateful that I have a work to support my family. It’s a scary economic times, even in America. great post.

  5. He is great than the thief

  6. I had a similar experience, whenever I feel very down, then I look around and see people worse off than me. Guiltily, I feel luckier. But then does it have to be that way? Is it at all possible to achieve a truly happy life wherein you will always have what you want and need and that everything is just going fine? Then this begs the question, would such life be a happy one, one that is worth living? Great thought provoking post, John!

  7. Let’s give thanks… always. Nice article.

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