Intramuros Manila

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I have in my veins the passion and a sense of liking towards Philippine heritage that I enjoy visiting places which has a historical background. I have been eying for an old mansions, ancestral houses or even towns having an intact and well-preserved historical landmarks. Whenever I plan to have a leisurely visit in places like these I always have my camera with me to photograph every scene that loom before my eyes.

The day I started my blog, I have thought of turning it into a travel blog where in I’ll be pointing up post in relation to historical places around the Philippines but that may require a handful of effort, time and money. My dream for my blog doesn’t end with that insufficiency; still I would pursue it as time progresses.

Yesterday, I have had the chance to visit Intramuros Manila together with my friend and avid reader   Zane.We traveled the walled city riding the legendary Kalesa and we were dumbfounded while gazing on every ancestral edifice. The mood of the place shifted us back in time causing us to feel as if we’re in Spanish colonial period. Mamang Kutchero also has an intelligent share of explaining the details of stuff we see around the vicinity.

Though it rained heavily before we get there, our enthusiasm to witness the place never faded. Thanks to the sun, still it smiles upon us after that rain…

To see more of the photos just  click =)

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23 responses to “Intramuros Manila

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  2. thanks for the pingback .Sir,

  3. Beautiful pics John! I love historical places too. I really hope we can preserve these historical places in our country.

    I encourage you to pursue your dream of keeping a travel blog. It’s really fun to write about our travels and promote our country at the same time.

    Keep up the sharing and enjoy traveling! :-)

  4. I been dropping here at your blog and been reading all your post from the start up to the top.You have this kind of “karisma ” to the readers making them relate with you and your experiences.No wonder you have many readers who drop by and share their sentiments on your topic.Your blog is not that Boring.I can say it is straight to the point,Hindi masyadong mahaba at tama lang..I dont have a blog but I love to read blogs and lucky for your friend Zane to be with you on your trip.Well I can say I’m avid reader too in this blog..Hope I can join with you the next time you’ll visist places..hehehe..

    • Hi Myung, Thanks for the appreciation..I’m so glad to know that you’re an avid reader too.With regards to traveling,I dont do it often since it entails expenses and time. .I’m just a budget blogger hehehe..What we did(Zane and I) is KKB system..We went there after lunch so we can save a little..We ate Kwek2 and fishball at the side of the street and it made a fine merienda..

      If you would want to join me the next time just email me here

  5. Ako din Pasama sa next travel nyo..hehehe..

  6. Nice one John. Thanks for sharing. It’s good to know you were with an avid reader…

    I like the place, the photos and the street foods…

  7. Intramuros is a place na magandang balik-balikan… it sort of awakens the imagination. :)

  8. pinoyleonardo

    Good to hear you care about Philippine heritage and you are a doer and not just a lip-service ;) Keep it up!

  9. Nikki Yu

    hi John, lovely shots as usual! to be honest,i hate looking at these pics on a sunday afternoon, nakaka-homesick. nothing beats scenes from good old manila. keep em coming.

  10. Very nice compilation of pictures of Intramuros and Fort Santiago!. I love visiting these place as it transports me back in time. There is still a video on you tube that shows Intramuros and other old places in Manila like Escolta in the 1920’s. I wonder if you had a chance to see it already.

  11. Ben

    What a nice way to spend a vacation. I am really interested on how the intramuros looks like, since now we are discussing Spanish colonial era in our Philippine History. Its too bad though I have to cross the seas just to see it.

    PS: How did you make the picture slideslow? It looks good.

  12. Hi Ben,
    I think it wouldn’t be a practical trip if you’re going to travel by sea just to visit Intramuros.I suggest If you’re going to visit here then savor your time and see other places here in Manila para sulit..

    ’bout the pic slideshow, its easy..
    If you have many pics to upload, I think it would be better to use the slide show.You can upload multiple photos then save all of them.On the bottom side,you can see 2 choices there.1) photo gallery and 2) the slideshow .just choose slideshow and click the preview button on the upper right side..If it works you can go back and save your work..
    hehehe hope nagets mo xa..Medyo magulo .=)

  13. Ben

    Cge pag mayaman na ako XD

    I can’t seem to find the “bottom side”. Nagpunta ako sa “new post” yung nakikita ko lang ay Add Image, Add Video, Add Media. Pero walang Slideshow XD


    • adto ka sa new post tapos, click nimo ang add image ng icon niya square ang itsura, tapos click nimo to. din naay mo gawas na browse/ upload ka ug multiple na picture nimu. tapos basta gamita ang control button para dili ka malisudan ug add sa mga picture nimu tas upload nimmu. din hulaton nimu ang waiting tas naay mo gawas na “crunching” tapos naay mo gawas na photo mismo sa imung pag upload. tapos naa kay makita na caption tapos size of the photo and insert into the post tapos naay save changes sa baba niya.. din click nimu ang save. tapos u gawas natong slide show or photo gallery. pilia ang slide show..tapos e preview mo.pag ok na mag appear nato sya din update nimu dayun..kasabot ka???

      pag sure oi.

      Regards, John Tugano

      see my works on the web..

    • Hi Ben

      Nagoffer yung workmate q from Ateneo de Davao din sabi niya xa na lang daw magexplain.Natuwa xa na Ateno de davao ka din.Same yata dialect nyo..hehehe

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