Spicy Santol {Wild Mangosteen}

If only I was brave to try then, perhaps I am not thinking over and over again on how the spicy “santol” tastes like. .Zane and I were walking along the underpass going to “Intramuros” when we sighted this fruit at one of the stalls. People were crowding the area, buying as if there’s no tomorrow. I made a quick gesture towards my friend conveying a question on why this bunch of seemingly curious human beings plagued the area. Looking at her made me conclude that she likes it too but I never incited her to buy even just one. Now, I’m looking back with a little regret. I should have known the answer to my question if we only try.

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7 responses to “Spicy Santol {Wild Mangosteen}

  1. That looks really spicy! Not that there is anything bad with that. I think I will give it a try!

  2. i love mangosteen, especially with salt! :)

  3. oh, they look like mangoes here, but the purple variety looks nothing like a mango. these fruits are or were illegal to import to the U.S. too bad you didn’t get a bite.

  4. I also like mongoes but I can’t find them at usual supermarket.
    It’s expensive.

  5. mamie

    WOW..sarap nman ng spicy santol..how i wish i was there..

    i remember my province..we had that santol tree in our backyard..magsasawa ka..you can eat as many as you can for free unlike here, you have to buy it..

  6. Everytime I read your post, it feels like I’m home once again. My mom used to make candied santol, almost like a sweet-sour pickled version. The last time I went home she asked me what I missed, I asked her to make some preserve jackfruit but the santol I totally forgot. I always love anything ” Pinoy” which probably is one reason I can’t be fully embrace the American way of life. Enjoy every moment with your family , your GF, your country’s little treasures. They were not kidding when they say, ” you don’t know how important something or someone until they’re gone.” Bro, thanks for keeping me rekindled to my roots. For the encouraging words. For bringing back good memories . God bless you and your family.

  7. OH how I miss SANTOL!!!!
    I haven’t had it in years!

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