Weekly Photo Challenge: Mountains

A view from the hilly and mountainous "Tibo,Panganiban Catanduanes"

Trekking up and down in this mountain to reach a little Barrio called “Tibo” where my grandparents used to live has been my routine. I still remember way back then when my mom would send us there for us to savor fresh and healthy foods because our Grandma for sure would cook us varieties of vegetables. This place has become my second home as I am a native of it. It has a scenic landscape and from any angles of it, lays a natural and untainted beauty. I once had a dream that its charm would captivate other people’s interest, making it as tourism site in my town Panganiban, Catanduanes.

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19 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Mountains

  1. beautiful shot, John.. where was it taken?

  2. Wow, that seems to be really a beautiful place. :) And oh, i love the way you write! You have such…how can I describe it? Such a smooth style in writing! Yeah, smooth is the right word, because your words roll easily on my tongue, when I read it.

  3. John,

    How idyllic to have this as your home and with such wonderful memories. I would prefer to keep it quiet, your secret, if I were you!


    • hehehe I wanted it share to other people so they could witness the beauty of it too,But I do hope that it will not be too much commercialized as it can bring damage to the place..

  4. Nice to know that a youthful writer from Tibo is chronicling this beautiful place. I visited this place once in 1992 during election campaign and found the people to be very hospitable and they treat you as their long lost relative. i have been yearning to go to this place as i have been hearing of the special skills of many divers who can dive for very long duaration in the fringes of the Pacific Ocean and it is the source of livelyhood for many. It’s ironic because one has to descend from the peak of that mountain and has to ascend with a heavy baggage of fish caught from the ocean floor.The name of sisoy is the most familiar i can recall. John continue your blogging as this may just be the start of your dream in making your native barrio as a tourist attraction.

  5. Thanks for sharing! I love learning about new places in the Philippines.


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  7. i also have cousins and relatives living at the hilly mountain. I love their place too, the smell of fresh air and the coolness of the place is incomparable. I love the simplicity of their lives there.

    Nice post John :)

  8. U sure thats in Philippine?

    It look like somewhere in Indonesia to me ;)

  9. The genuine mountaineer in you was the one speaking here … Well, I am positive that your mountain will soon become a tourism site of the country. The number of readers you have on this blog will help your wish come true because of the kind advertisement that goes with this blog. You sure know what I want to say, bro.

  10. Don’t give up that dream yet. That scenic and beautiful landscape is just amazing. Looks like you had a wonderful and adventurous childhood, growing up close to nature and surrounded by a loving family. Memories like that are truly priceless. The photo made feel that I do need to visit the Philippines soon. Thank you.

  11. I envy you because you have such beautiful place as second home.
    That’s great you can see and touch the nature things.:)

  12. Great photo great interpretation for the theme :) (nasaan ka na bro ?)

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