Is it plagiarism ?

I’m not supposed to be blogging at this point of time but the urge is just too irresistible that I fumbled looking for pen to write what I feel. I am sad and quite pestered from what I have discovered during my web surfing a while ago. Having found out that one of my well-loved post/article was copied and edited in this blog prompted me to feel so down. Before I posted my post entitled “I bet you miss being a kid too” it has an original title”‘ What I miss about being a Kid” and  it was first published in Bukisa just last year after it was declined at Triond both online writing sites which I’m still associated with. After deciding to have my own blog here at WordPress,I subsequently moved some of my articles from Bukisa to my new site “Blithe and Untroubled life” but long before I have transferred it, someone has already claimed it.

I posted my entry” I bet you miss being a kid too” on May 30, 2011 after I deleted it at Bukisa since duplicating an entry into some other sites could lead me into trouble. It seems that I am the one who is a copycat now since the owner of the blog who claimed my post submitted her entry in Blogspot earlier than mine in WordPress.What a darn fate? Good thing I still have the copy of my declined post in Triond complete with the date it was first submitted.

This post of mine is not to condemn whoever behind this act rather let them realize that it is much nicer to create a work of their own, since other people spent time and effort just to purge out something from their head.

“The article itself before it landed here on WordPress.”

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20 responses to “Is it plagiarism ?

  1. Im sorry that happeneyd! At least you have the satisfaction and PROOF that it is your intellectual property. It’s a shame that someone infringed upon your creativity.

    • tnx Renee for the visit.I’m quite busy with my blog here in Wp that’s why I cant visit triond but I promised myself that I should start again making poems..
      With regards to the issue,Its inevitable for me to feel sad but I am not blaming ‘ for doing such..maybe she has her own reasons and if she find herself explaining then she can give her side.I was also a accused plagiarizing before in triond but that was unintentional since I am not well exposed to the terms and conditions of copying and writing but now I know..

  2. I had the same predicament, John, two years ago. The only difference was you acted on the matter while I disregarded it. Anyways, I know the feeling. At least, you have all the proof you need to disprove the real copycat’s claim.

    Lookin’ at the bright side, what happened is an attestation of how good you are in this craft which means you had created a masterpiece worthy of envy. That’s the reason why you experienced this plight. Ika nga sa showbiz, sikat ka na. ;-)

    Your friends here in wordpress are just “keys” away. More power, man!

  3. Whoever copied your work should be ashamed of themselves for stealing somebody’s work. I still don’t understand why people do it. To me, it doesn’t make sense to have a blog that is not even your own. But what they can’t take from you is your talent and experiences. It will always be with you. You will make future posts that will continue to be read and celebrated. And your readers knows that. I hope you’ll feel better soon. Thanks for sharing this post.

  4. Perhaps she/he should have mention on her blog where she/he get the articles from…

    They should be ashamed!

  5. I would be too much relieved if she has mentioned me in her blog but sadly she owned it.I don’t know if its intentional..anyway I’m okay now and I don’t condemn her..tnx for dropping Mizz..

  6. I am glad to see that in the end it was resolved for you. It was good you still kept the records needed. Good for you that you fought for what is right and standing your ground. While imitation can be taken as a sign of flattery, outright claiming of other people’s writing as your own is outright stealing.

  7. What a shame some one would do that to you. We all put a part of ourselves “out there” when we blog, taking some one else’s writing doesn’t make sense, how is that personal? And if you admire some one’s work then give them credit!

    Just stay true to yourself.

  8. That’s terrible to hear, er…read.

    Have you confront the plagiarizer? Maybe it was just a misunderstanding, like s/he really didn’t intend to copy it and claim it as his/hers. Maybe, s/he just wanted to repost or reblog it and just forgot to give you the credits of the contents.

    • her page doesn’t have a comment box thus i cant comment on her but i left a link to this blog on her chat box hope she would know..I don’t know if she know the rules or know about plagiarism..I don’t condemn her for that I just fell so sad bout it that urged me to blog it..she can approach me and tell me her reasons and I’ll be very much willing to listen..I’ve been down this road before and like her i was accused plagiarizing a material but that was really unintentional and I explained my part and it was forgiven..If that’s her case too then I forgive her..=)

  9. Hi John, plagiarism is wrong. That post is your baby. At least you know that it came from you.


  10. Sorry to hear about this one John, she should have known that it’s wrong. I visited her site and it’s still there.

    By the way, I have 3 reblogs on my site but the author and the original links and contents are intact, so I don’t feel I have to be guilty and I clearly categorized them under reblogs. My purpose was to share them to my prospective readers and nothing but that… It is utterly wrong to claim the works of someone else’s and claim it as your own, so shame on her :(

    Hopefully you’ll feel better John

  11. alifeofsummer

    it is plagiarism john. and unlike you, i condemn this kind of doing. you are too nice… but i know that you are a creative person and you could continue to do even more creative work as you move on through the years. your talents would get you far. :)

    these people, on the other hand, would have a hard time doing that.

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