Weekly Photo Challenge: Colorful

On my way home I stumbled upon this little creature, transferring to every flower on the side of the street.

I decided  to capture it but it keeps on chasing me

Ambling a little closer and a little bit relaxed

the butterfly simply perched

on the sweet purple


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20 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Colorful

  1. Nice shot! Vibrant yet delicate colours. Captured the sunlight really well too.

  2. What a super picture. Well done butterfly for settling long enough to be snapped!

  3. Love these colors together. Great photo.

  4. I love everything about this photo: The colours so subtle, the blur in the background.

  5. The green is so vibrant! I like!

  6. Thanks for looking at my rainbow picture.


    I really enjoyed your butterfly picture and your blog. I grew up in Manila so it is great to see other Pinoy bloggers!


  7. pinoyleonardo

    Simple pero rock!

  8. Very peaceful flower.:)

  9. The story how the butterfly flew towards the flower is just as colorful as the photo itself. Reminds me of our journeys in life. How we get there can just be as colorful if we allow it to be. Thanks for the visit.

  10. Great color John, I love the green bit, look almost unreal…

    Heeeyy…I just noticed we are using the same theme, though I thought you were on different theme before, did you just changed your theme recently?

    • I been using the notebook theme before but I replaced it 2 mos. ago.I just removed some clutters on sidebar and perhaps this is the reason on y it looks new..
      tnx for dropping by Mizz..

  11. Nikki Yu

    lovely pic JOhn! ahlavet! and the bokeh in the background’s pretty. keep em comin :))

  12. The “green” was just visually entertaining and I couldn’t help myself succumbing to it so here I am … :-) Good work John.

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  14. The “green” is just visually entertaining and I couldn’t help myself succumbing to it so here I am … :-) Good work John.

  15. beautiful photograph – sorry not having a chance to come over your blog earlier! and loved your theme, as well… agree with Sony, great work!

  16. John, I love the light shining through this absolutely delightful photo. Makes coming home a little sweeter.

  17. myfilthyroom

    panalo! andaming likes! haha..

  18. dagadagan ko pa. sorry, john, i forgot the last time …

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