Poverty-stricken Scenario

Riding in this trolley is neither for the faint-hearted fellows nor for the adventurous ones because danger can happen anytime as the train still operational. I was quite distressed and concerned, seeing this group of people, taking rides without being mindful of their lives just to save a little money for the fare. I can’t blame them, though. Many Filipinos belong to the less fortunate classes of people in the society, who by all means will take the risk just to save a single peso even if it means endangering their own lives. I couldn’t take a stand on it since I’m not the right person to help them and only I share to them my concern, pity and prayers that for every day, they’ll be safe.

This poverty-stricken scenario is a living effect of the hefty dose of corruption in the country.

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9 responses to “Poverty-stricken Scenario

  1. Pretty much the same with here in Indonesia. Sad!

  2. I don’t know what I should say but it must be sad.

  3. pinoyleonardo

    Your pics are getting a following! Have you joined the weekly photo challenge? Woohoo!

    Kidding aside, you can help in your own little way. Volunteer in an NGO if you have the time; blog about it is another way :) Surely bloggers can make a difference! Maybe let’s brainstorm on it ;)

  4. John: I believe that to resolve poverty…change must come not only from the government but also from the citizen.

  5. tnx rob and voslego,thanks for your insight bout this matter.

  6. That is so true. Poverty is so rampant that people are already numb to their suffering. When I was still in the Islands, my heart felt like its about to break when I see a person who’s hungry, helpless, abandoned by the society. For a lot of them , safety is not a priority but survival on a day to day basis. Thanks for speaking for them because a lot of times, their voices are not heard as well. God bless you and your family.

  7. Ben

    It’s a bit sad how the Filipinos are adapting to the poverty. But I guess, we should be grateful that people are still trying to live despite the dying hope for improvement.

  8. This is very sad indeed John. I have much to learn about your country. Thanks so much for speaking about these heart-wrenching issues that need addressing.

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