Experience Peace at Tibo Highlands…

Inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge theme: Peaceful 

Have you ever been to a place where in you’ve experienced a taste of serenity?

I was able to relish a peaceful experience when I went home last Christmas. I was able to savor the beauty of lush green surroundings and the breath of fresh air. Everything just seems so paradisiacal that it gives you the soothing comfort and tranquility whenever you gaze at it.

Tibo,Panganiban Catanduanes,Philippines.

Looking into this endless grassland is like a stress therapy wherein you can breathe out what’s inside of your system, shout all your grievances and sigh harder to release all your blues.

The ever idyllic mountains will provide a relaxing view that you will let yourself be enamored by the solace it brings.

And the ocean just beneath is quite of an eye catcher with its turquoise blue waters that exudes a timeless spirit of peace.

Tibo is a barangay of the Philippine municipality Panganiban (Payo) in the province Catanduanes in Bicol Region which is part of the Luzon group of islands. The municipality Panganiban (Payo) with a population of about 9,290 and its 23 barangays belongs to the partly urban areas in the Philippines

If only time permits then you’ll wish to be here every day to harbor its undying beauty and serenity.


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36 responses to “Experience Peace at Tibo Highlands…

  1. Thanks for bringing me a piece of the Philippines. Very artistic. At first, I thought I was looking at paintings.

  2. What a beautifully lush landscape… It is peaceful. Welcome back! :-)

  3. I’m glad your back, bro! I felt the same when I looked at each of the photos.

  4. Hey John, what a beautiful, peaceful-looking place. One awe-inspiring view after another. Thanks for sharing

  5. Welcome back John, great set of photos. I love the first one, looks like a painting indeed. I love the fresh air and the serenity of this kind of place. Thanks for sharing :)

    • if in the photo it speaks already about its peaceful aura then what for if you’re in that place itself..Indeed a great sight to behold,Arvee.Thanks for the welcome my friend..

      • agree. I miss this kind of place. no problem about the welcome, Sony, IT and the rest of bloggers here sure misses you and so do I… :)

  6. What a beautiful part if the world, John – do you ever go diving in that wonderful water?

    • no but in time I’ll go diving there..My grandfather used to be a diver in that ocean and whenever he ascend to the mountain,a handful of fishes were his surprise for my Grandma..Thanks Bluebee..

  7. I miss this sceneries of beauty and solitude. Bro, this are amazing shots.Trully peaceful. What a great place to rejuvinate, to heal, to unwind, to be close to family and nature. Must be one memorable Chistmas for you. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes to you and your love one.

    • Thanks bro.I actually allot a certain time to visit this peaceful place no matter how far,how tiring and challenging to climb here still I would want to go back and recharge.Seeing this one of a kind scenery is like a therapy for me..

  8. What a nice place! I hope that this place will remain forever.

  9. OMG those yellow greens on top of those hills :D just awesome

    reminded me of a visit through the country side of Western Australia. We were passing through fields and fields of open space covered with green – and the green just the same colour as on your photos. thank you for this lovely share of peace and tranquility :)

  10. Breath-taking, beautiful, majestic, lush, peaceful….
    I could keep on going!
    I know a family from the Philippines, but I had never seen what their homeland looked like, thank you for sharing!!!

  11. I’m in awe over these shots John! This looks like a great place to enjoy a peaceful retreat. The vibrant colors are a sight to behold. Your “home” is a bit like paradise on earth. I think it’s a tropical hidden gem that you should keep a secret. I guess it’s too late for that now! We are booking our flights now! Ha! Ha! :)

  12. Ginaline Villarey

    Where is this place looks familiar to me I grow up in this area, the 3rd to 5th picture looks like our place in Bantukaw. May I know this place.

    • Hi Miss Ginaline,
      I’m a native of this place but I haven’t heard of Bantukaw maybe my Mom knows it.The view was in front of Tibo Community School where in you can see the vast ocean and the mountain as grassland for cows, a sort of breathtaking view.The two other photos are situated along the road going to Tibo…I guess you’re from Payo too..I have searched for you on fb and I found out we graduated at the same school..CAIC..I spent my High school years there.BTW thanks for dropping by..

  13. Great entry for the challenge my friend
    I love to invite you here http://wp.me/P1Dwwo-jn

  14. thirdhandart

    Very beautiful, peaceful landscape! Love the lush greens and serene turquoise colors side by side. Great entry!

  15. Lovely photographs, John! Such a peaceful place!

  16. I love how much you love your homeland and great to see you back with these gorgeous shots!

  17. the colours are mind blowing in these shots

  18. “If only time permits then I could be here everyday to harbor its undying beauty and serenity.”
    You took the words right out of my head. :)

  19. Peaceful indeed… The colors are too strong for my taste, but the picturesare great anyway! Thanks for the share :-)

  20. ganda ng pics. inggit ako kasi wala akong province na inuuwian. my dad are mom were born and raised in manila. :)

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