Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset

Photo Taken from the Manila Bay

Looking at this magnificent view made me realize how blessed are we to witness such a beautiful creation by God. In this world, one thing we should learn is to appreciate. One must see the beauty in any form or in any shape

By just gazing towards the spectacular golden sky can relieve some physical and mental stress we have in our systems. This is one priceless moment we need to savor once in a while. Truly I believe that the best things in life are free like the beauty of this sunset…

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29 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset

  1. Really great job.:smile:
    He is cool.

  2. There is nothing as beautiful as a Manila sunset, or any sunset in the Philippines for that matter.

    Beautiful pictures.


  3. Manila bay is the perfect spot for sunset in the Philippines — good you’re near the place John. Great capture – I like both, the first one – you look like sailing while the other one is picture perfect! Spectacular – thanks for sharing. Have a great evening! :)

  4. Nandini

    Beautiful sunset. :)

  5. Beautiful and romantic sunset pictures! :D

  6. wonderful images, and wonderful words
    thanks for sharing both

  7. Jay

    It is very relaxing to see such beautiful images.

  8. wonderful shots – they are beautiful

  9. Parang hindi sa Luneta. The ambiance is so country and that’s definitely not found there. Hehe … But the fact that you were able to turn the busy Manila into something like this is great job I must say.

  10. nelson RN

    Beautiful! I miss Manila bay sunset! I used to work at Ospital ng Maynila (along Roxas Blvd), and I would always sit on one of the benches just to watch the sunset in the afternoon. thanks for sharing this!

  11. Absolutely agree with with you on the pricelessness of such beauty and this is such a fantastic sunset. Great shot John and lovely to know it is there for you at the end of a day!

  12. They are very beautiful, Kuya!

  13. Great Sunset color and View , Great Shot :)

  14. wordsfallfrommyeyes

    What a beautiful, beautiful sunset, & having the person in silhouette, leaves the focus on the sunset. Hey, thank you for subbing, I see you did. I’m very honoured to have you following my true story, my son & me. Thank you so much. I love this photo challenge, you know, and seeing it on posts – seeing other people’s back yards. Great stuff :)

  15. thirdhandart

    Beautiful sunsets! Love the warm, peaceful glow!

  16. i miss manila bay sunsets… :(

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  18. Bro, that is a glorious, life changing golden sunset. I saw once the Sunset at the Manila bay and it was just mesmerizing. I just wish the bay itself can still be salvage after the pollution and all. I assume its you in that picture. You looked so calm and at peace. There is no words to describe the feeling of watching the sunset by the beach. It’s like our soul never felt so at home with nature and with Gods creation. Beautiful photos, very inspiring. thank you and God bless to you and your family.

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